NTBCC minutes – Monday 10 April 2017

Minutes of New Town and Broughton Community Council, Drummond Room, Broughton St Mary’s Church, Bellevue Crescent on Monday 10 April 2017

1 Attendance and apologies for absence

1.1 Present

Ian Mowat (chair) NTBCC Lewis Press NTBCC
Susanna Beaumont NTBCC Richard Price NTBCC
Chris Collins NTBCC Christine Ross NTBCC
Andrew Haddow NTBCC Fran Wasoff NTBCC
Stephen Hajducki NTBCC Alan Welsh NTBCC
Jack Hugh NTBCC Joanna Mowat City Centre Ward
Allan Jack NTBCC Lesley Hinds Inverleith Ward
Stuart McAllister NTBCC PC Derek Barbour
Claire Miller NTBCC

1.2 Apologies

Apologies received from: Ben MacPherson MSP, Alistair Rankin, Cllr Marion Donaldson, Cllr Karen Doran, Foysol Choudhury, Judy Conn, Jonathan Finn, Carol Nimmo, Bruce Ryan.

2 Minutes of March meeting

approved subject to minor corrections

3 Police

Community Officer PC Derek Barbour from West End Police Station presented a summary of current activity:

In the last month City Centre officers have had the following results:

  • Recovery of a stolen motorbike and the arrest of two males following plain-clothes and uniform patrols.
  • Three males convicted after taking advantage of busy areas during the Six Nations to steal and use cards having ‘shoulder surfed’ to obtain PIN numbers first. This was an excellent result following robust inquiries and proactive enforcement.
  • Community intelligence led to the issuing of a drugs warrant allowing officers to enter a premises ‘uninvited’ where they recovered heroin, cannabis and crack cocaine to the value of £2500 with three males arrested.
  • Good observation by CEC CCTV operators enabled officers to arrest two males for attempting to break in to a premise on Princes Street.

3.1 Housebreakings

  • Housebreaking to dwellings: 1 reported and solved
  • Attempted housbreakings to dwellings: 4 reported, 1 solved, investigations ongoing
  • Housbreaking to businesses: 2 reported, investigations ongoing
  • Crimes of dishonesty are down by almost 8% compared to the 5-year average. Housebreakings are down 10% compared to the 5 year average.
  • Overall recorded crime down but still some areas of concern including small-business break-ins (ongoing investigation) and Waverley Mall youth issues

3.2 Assault

  • 19 assaults reported, 9 solved, investigations ongoing
  • 1 serious assault reported and solved
  • Overall recorded crime in the City Centre is down compared to the 5-year average, which is great news. Violent crime is down 3% compared to last year and serious violent crime (group 1) is down almost 7%.

3.3 Road Safety

  • Operation Switchback continues to operate with Community officers carrying out speed checks for the 20mph zones to ensure compliance. On the whole officers are finding good levels of driver behaviour when checking with very few tickets issued along with driver education.

3.4 Vandalism

  • 3 reported, investigations ongoing

4 Transport

4.1 Closure of Leith Street

David Cooper CEC; Alistair Sim SWECO; and Cllr Lesley Hinds gave presentation.

CC perception of lack of genuine consultation – LH explained short timescale for notifying / consulting with CC was due to protracted discussions on shortening extent of closure – contractors had originally wanted 60 weeks but not acceptable to CEC – and couldn’t come to CC without a firm option. 44 weeks seen as maximum; shorter if possible and LH/CEC will go back to developer to look again at longer hours / weekend working (subject to impact on residents)

4.1.1 Discussion Points:

  • CEC would be prepared to meet with our Transport Committee to show us the traffic modelling of the planned diversions and how it would be affected by the opening of the Right turn out of Calton Road to allow 2 way traffic into Leith St.
  • Possible closure of Carlton Terrace Brae, will be dealt with directly between RRCTA with CEC
  • Strategic modelling of present position (ie before diversions) would be useful to evaluate effects and avoid disputes. Agreed by CEC, who will draw up suggested list of streets by end of May and share with NTBCC.
  • Suggestions that buses might temporarily use east side of St Andrew Sq; CEC will feed back to Lothian Transport
  • Calton Road junction; constricted geometry unsuited to 2-way traffic; Regent Road / Waterloo Place better able to take traffic
  • Hanover St / Queen St right turn – two lanes to improve flow at junction
  • George St – eastern section to operate eastbound
  • Emergency vehicles – interim arrangements for access clarified
  • Abbeyhill gyratory; very little physical work, mainly re-lining markings and adjusting signals
  • General concern about the number of roadworks in city at any time, and apparent lack of co-ordination between them. LH will be asking for map to ensure that there are no clashes or conflicting programmes.

4.1.2 Monitoring of progress

Cllr Hinds responded positively to a request for assurance (on behalf of CEC) that any findings coming out of the monitoring of progress would be made available/ shared with NTBCC. The monitoring is intended to identify the possible need for extended working of any kind to meet the 44-week target. Cllr Hinds also commented that after the council elections (4 May 2017) her involvement with Leith St would cease.

4.2 Other Transport Issues

  • Double Parking blocking narrow roads – who enforces? To be taken up by CC Transport Committee.
  • George Street – meeting to be arranged by Anna Harriman of CEC and chaired by Essential Edinburgh to update stakeholders in next month. Noted that “stakeholders” not just commercial interests as represented by EE, but includes NTBCC, EWH and Cockburn Association.
  • Broughton Street Lane – damage to buildings by large vehicles – CEC prepared to issue TRO to prevent use but can’t guarantee that drivers will heed it and can’t enforce it. As it is mainly bin lorries, LP will discuss with Trade Waste Officer.

5 Environment

CC response to Council consultation on Waste issues:

  • Trade Waste – too many bins because of waste separation policies, and bins not being held in premises until collection window; should be no bins on pavements
  • Gull-proof bags – no longer used in London Street following vote; still strong opposition from some residents, but Council decision taken and CC not able to get involved further.
  • Timings / frequencies of collections still not improved. Suggest code numbers on bins, perhaps with QR codes, to enable residents to identify and report those overflowing (nb CC do not accept CEC statement that this is not possible, as lamp standards already labelled this way).

6 Licensing

Nothing controversial this month. Nick Fraser CEC coming next month to explain liquor licensing process. Issues include complaints about noise and extensions of hours in residential areas.

7 Edinburgh World Heritage Site Management Plan 2017-22 Consultation

EWHT looked at CEC’s 14 “place” standards and picked out 6 worst performers:

  • Care and maintenance of streets and buildings
  • Control and guidance
  • Awareness (or not) of WHS status
  • Contribution (or not) of new developments to city centre
  • Visitor management
  • influence and sense of control – public input

Consultation on draft open now until 5th June. Full document on line (link in NT&BCC website). CC noted that CEC is one of the observers in the RHS appeal, and that councillors do not always appear to be aware of / take account of the EWHS universal values when determining applications.

8 Planning

  • RHS – AHSS event for RHS fighting fund on 8 June at Stockbridge Parish Church
  • Scotland Gardens Scheme – gardens behind Moray Place open afternoon of 7 May
  • Places People & Planning ScotGov consultation – CC response submitted 4 April
  • Development Proposals – major applications often have very large number of documents; would be helpful if key ones could be identified. If PANs, then ask for display boards or similar material to be exhibited in libraries etc within the area. Cllr Mowat to take back to CEC Planning.

9 Communications

Replacement member(s) required to build up team after recent resignations advise chair of interest

10 AOB

Noted work of Shrub Co-Operative, applying for 3-year funding for project to cover part of city centre. Co-Op has supermarket surplus and re-use workshops which reduce waste to landfill. Looking for inputs.

11 Date of Next Meeting – AGM

Monday 8 May at 7:30pm