Objection to Council’s plans for George Street

At the March meeting of the NTBCC, there was unanimous agreement to object to the plans to close off the north of George Street from St Andrew’s Square to Frederick Street and the south side from Charlotte Square to Frederick Street – a letter of objection has now been sent.

Concerns are mostly based on such major traffic upheaval so soon after the trams start operating.  The Community Council – and the Transport sub-committee – feel strongly that after many years of tram-works and the resulting negative impact on traffic,business and residents, we all need time to recover and let the trams bed in.

We are also concerned at the impact of increased traffic on the surrounding streets as well as the implications of the underlying objective of making Edinburgh more cosmopolitan with outdoor cafe spaces.  If last year’s festival is anything to go by, groups of people shivering in unsightly canvas did nothing to enhance one of the most stunning streets in Edinburgh.  Not sure when the councillors last checked out the meteorological conditions that prevail in Edinburgh…