NTBCC engagement plan, October 2023

Original PDF: 2022-23 Engagement report.


  1. Introduction
  2. Noticeboards
  3. NTBCC website
  4. twitter
  5. Residents’ associations
  6. Walkabouts
  7. Formal responses to local government consultations and deputations to City of Edinburgh Council committees</li>
  8. Engagement with other community councils, networks and heritage organizations</li>
  9. Reform of the community councils
  10. Previous NTBCC Engagement Plans

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NTBCC ordinary meeting full agenda Monday 9 October 2023 and convenor reports

This will be an in-person meeting on Monday 9 October 2023 (immediately after the 2023 AGM at approximately 7: 30pm).

Location: the Drummond Room at Broughton St Mary’s Church on Bellevue Crescent.

Access via the path at the right hand side of the Church.

  1. Welcome / Introductions / Attendance
  2. Approval of the minutes of the ordinary NTBCC meeting held on 11 September 2023 (To approve)
  3. Matters arising from previous minutes (and not included on agenda below) (To discuss)
  4. Police report (if received) (To note/discuss)
  5. Culture and Communities (convener’s report)
  6. Transport (convener’s report)
  7. Planning (convener’s report)
    • Revised applications for 72-74 Eyre Place (PBSA/7 townhouses) (To note/discuss)
    • Edinburgh Christmas Markets (EPSG/WPSG/George St) (To note)
    • Summary of DPEA (Scottish Reporter) appeals (To note)
  8. Licensing (convener’s report)
    • STL Licensing scheme came into effect on 1 October 2023 (To note)
    • Alcohol Licensing – new draft Policy Statement & consultation (To discuss)
    • Street Trading and Market Operators consultation (To note)
  9. Environment (convener’s report)
    • Communal Bin Roll-out in N1 parking Zone Area (To note)
  10. Engagement / Communications
  11. Community Council Scheme & Boundary Review 2023 – Phase 1 consultation  (closes 18 Dec)  (To note)
  12. News from residents’ assocations – GKSA update on Conservation & Adaptation
  13. Councillors’/residents’ open forum
  14. AOCB

Please note: before or during the meeting, names and email addresses may be recorded. Email addresses are held and used for circulating information about NTBCC but may also be used to seek residents’ views on local issues.

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Licensing Board Policy Consultation – Phase 2, closes 12 November 2023

Adapted from the post on the Council’s Consultation Hub, the Edinburgh Licensing Board is interested in the public’s views on its new draft Statement of Licensing Policy.

Closing date for online submissions:  12 November 2023.

Should you have any queries or concerns, or wish to share your views with NTBCC – please contact us by email to licensing@ntbcc.org.uk

Having taken account of the responses received to its first phase of consultation, the Edinburgh Licensing Board has agreed a series of amendments and proposals to its new draft policy statement and is inviting comment on those and the terms of the policy in general.

View the amended draft policy statement.

Responses to this second consultation will be reported to the Board for consideration in November, and the Board will then agree and publish the final version of the policy.

Full details can be found here: Licensing Board Policy Consultation – Phase 2 – City of Edinburgh Council – Citizen Space

Note that the Board has agreed to carry out a separate consultation on its assessment of overprovision, to form the subject of a Supplementary Statement of Licensing Policy. The Board is working towards a six month timeline, with the Supplementary Statement to be included in the new policy by Spring 2024.

The current Assessment of Overprovision as set out in Chapter 8 will continue to form part of the Board’s Statement of Licensing Policy meanwhile.

Civic Licensing – Street Trading and Market Operators Consultation, closes 13 December 2013

Adapted from the post on the Council’s Consultation Hub, the Council’s Regulatory Committee is interested in the public’s views on street trading and the operation of markets in the city.

Closing date for online submissions:  13 December 2023.

Should you have any queries or concerns, or wish to share your views with NTBCC – please contact us by email to licensing@ntbcc.org.uk

For many years the Council has controlled street trading and the operation of markets by requiring these activities to be licensed.

A Street Trader’s Licence is needed to sell goods or services on the street – for example:

  • selling tourist gifts on the Royal Mile
  • ice cream vans
  • pedicabs
  • street food vans

A Market Operator’s licence is needed to operate a market where goods are offered for sale by more than one seller.

Requiring a licence for these activities means that the Council can check to make sure that they help to keep the city safe, clean, well-maintained and attractive. Street trading and markets should also provide more choice for customers, promoting and protecting the economic wellbeing of the city.

All licence holders are vetted during the application process to ensure that they are ‘fit and proper’ to hold a licence.  This means that Police Scotland carries out a criminal convictions check to ensure that the applicant is a suitable person to hold a licence and meet the conditions of being a licence holder.

On 1 May 2023 the Regulatory Committee agreed to review the current Street Trading and Market Operator Policy, particularly about the licensing of these activities in the city centre. This is because there have been several changes in the city since the policy was originally agreed. For instance, there have been changes to the layout of popular street trading locations such as The Mound Precinct and Playfair Steps. Demand for the return of street trading locations at Hunter Square and the High Street continues. This must be balanced against the desire of organisers of temporary events for use of these locations.

Full details can be found here: Street Trading and Market Operators – City of Edinburgh Council – Citizen Space

Civic Licensing – Late Hours Catering Application(s) in NTBCC’s Area : 2 October 2023

Adapted from a civic notice received by the New Town & Broughton Community Council from the Council’s Licensing Service, in relation to new Late Hours Catering application(s) in NTBCC’s area.

Should you have any queries or concerns, or wish to share your views with NTBCC – please contact us by email to licensing@ntbcc.org.uk 

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that applications for the undernoted licences have been received by The City of Edinburgh Council.

Anyone wishing to object to the grant of a licence must lodge a written objection or representation specifying the grounds of the objection or the nature of the representation to the City of Edinburgh Council, Licensing Service, 249 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1YJ, by; <see below> (please note we recommend forwarding representations by e-mail to licensing@edinburgh.gov.uk).

507268     133 Princes Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4AH      Mon-Sun 23.00-05.00 (Hot food restricted to 2am Sun-Thurs and 3am Fri & Sat)
Closing date for written submissions:  12 October 2023

Full details of the applications can be found here:


Bellevue Crescent – ‘Amenity Ground’ in front of Broughton St Marys Church

NTBCC were aware of the works carried out by SGN here in support of the new St James Quarter about 5 years ago. These works involved installing a new high pressure gas main from Dundas Street, along Great King Street, Drummond Place, Scotland Street and then running along East Scotland Street Lane to tie in with the existing main in the roadway at Bellevue Place which then would supply the increased demand for the new St James Quarter development.

This necessitated works in the parking area in front of Broughton St Mary’s Church (an A listed building) to install a governor (let-down valve) and other associated equipment which resulted in the raised, kerbed, plinth being there, covered in non-heritage brick paviors as well as other equipment e.g. a high level vent. Continue reading

NTBCC AGM agenda : Monday 9 October and framework agenda for the October ordinary NTBCC meeting

The AGM will be an in-person meeting on Monday 9 October  2023, starting at 7:00pm, in the Drummond Room at Broughton St Mary’s Church on Bellevue Crescent, to be immediately followed by the ordinary NTBCC monthly meeting. Access via the path at the right hand side of the Church.

  1. Welcome, introduction and apologies
  2. Submission & adoption of  13 June 2022 AGM minutes as previously approved
  3. *Chair’s annual report summary (covering June 2022 – October 2023)
    The annual report is now here. It includes convenors’ reports on transport, planning, environment, licensing, engagement. The engagement officer’s report will be issued separately. 
  4. *Treasurer’s report: annual accounts for the period April 2022 – March 2023
    The independently examined & approved accounts can be viewed here.
    Further supplementary information can be seen in the Treasurer’s report here.
  5. Demit of current office bearers & Election of office bearers
    • Chair: Nomination/s (Proposer/Seconder), vote if required
    • Secretary: Nomination/s (Proposer/Seconder), vote if required
    • Treasurer: Nomination/s (Proposer/Seconder), vote if required
    • Engagement Officer: Nomination/s (Proposer/Seconder), vote if required
    • Vicechair: Nomination/s (Proposer/Seconder), vote if required
  6. Dates, times and venue of future ordinary meetings and the next Annual General Meeting
  7. Close of AGM

* Agenda items 3 & 4 to include questions from members of the public attending.

The October 2023 NTBCC ordinary meeting will follow on directly from AGM. The detailed agenda for the ordinary meeting will be published in due course, but for now here is the ‘statutory’/framework agenda.

  1. Welcome, introductions and apologies
  2. Approval of minutes of previous meeting (11 September 2023)
  3. Matters arising
  4. Policing matters
  5. Planning
  6. Culture & Communities
  7. Environment
  8. Transport
  9. Licensing
  10. Engagement / Communications
  11. Councillor’s reports
  12. Open Forum (for residents to raise any concerns)
  13. AOCB