Parking Action Plan : Shared Use Parking – Controlled Parking Zones 5 to 8

In February 2020, the Transport and Environment Committee approved the traffic order that will introduce Sunday parking restrictions in Zones 1 to 4 and roll out of shared use parking places across Zones 1 to 8. You can view the traffic order report, including Sunday parking, shared-use parking and details of what else is included in the traffic order here.

Implementation work in Zones 1 to 4 is nearing completion with Sunday parking enforcement to commence on Sunday 11 April 2021.

Work to introduce shared use parking places across Zones 1 to 4 is complete, with Zones 1 to 4 shared use bays operational Monday to Saturday.

Work will begin next month to introduce shared use parking places across Zones 5 to 8, with Zones 5 to 8 shared bays operational Monday to Friday. Works in Zones 5 and 5A will be implemented in April and May, Zone 6 in May and June and Zones 7 and 8 in June and July. You can view maps of all affected parking places within Zones 5 to 8 here.

While much of the preparatory work is now complete, the final stage is for the Council to seek permission from property owners to place parking signs on their boundary wall, railing or drainpipe, instead of installing sign poles which can clutter our footways and impede pedestrians. Letters will be sent out to all properties where this might be possible in the next few days. If a resident or business address forms part of a Listed Building the Council shall then undertake to gain planning permission where required on the owners behalf.

The implementation of both initiatives involve significant changes to the layout of parking places and, while every effort will be made to reduce potential disruption, the nature of the work will require parking suspensions in many streets to allow us to make the required changes. In accordance with our existing protocols, we will give 48 hours’ notice on-street of forthcoming parking suspensions. Further details on the proposed schedule of works and the streets/areas to be affected will be available from Monday 12 April and updated regularly on our website at

Currently permit holders in Zones 1 to 8 have dispensation to park in Pay and Display bays within their zones, this will continue at least until all the implementation work is complete and this will help to minimise disruption for residents.

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