Planned Works on Dublin Street / Dublin Meuse & Associated Road Closure

The following is adapted from an email sent to us from Scottish Water covering proposed work on the upper stretch of Dublin Street / Dublin Meuse to repair a collapsed sewer. The work is planned to start on Tuesday 2nd April & last for 8 weeks.  

Dear Stakeholder, 
I am writing to inform you that Scottish Water will be carrying out a sewer repair on Dublin Meuse, Edinburgh,
this work is to repair a collapsed sewer between two manholes (see the map below – the grey dots are the manholes) which is leaking and creating a sinkhole.
Work will start at Dublin Meuse on Tuesday 2nd April and will last approximately 8 weeks.
There will be a road closure on Dublin St. No vehicles access will be permitted and parking will be suspended within the closure for the duration of works. Pedestrian footpaths will remain open and access to local business will remain but we ask pedestrians to follow the signage.
The attached letter went out on Mar 13th as advanced Start on Site (SoS) Notice and another yesterday.
We thank those affected for their patience and understanding while we carry out this essential work.
If you could please share this message with your constituents, that would be appreciated.
Denni Kinnear
Corporate Affairs Officer
Scottish Water