Planning Committee Report September 2014

Planning Committee Report September 2014, including Annandale Street, St Andrew Square / South St David Street, Shrub Place, and Edinburgh St James.

Planning Sub-Committee

No Planning Sub-committee held in September but ongoing dialogue.

Pre-Application Notifications

14/02568/PAN Demolition of the Existing Building (Standard Life call-centre) and construction of Flats 52 – 52A Annandale Street

Attended the Public Exhibition in August – including canvassing local resident’s views. NTBCC are responded to the Public Consultation – broadly in favour of the development. Raised concerns over proposals for car park / amenity area to rear but NTBCC support the proposed height / massing & improvement in streetscape (although not to would be difficult……).

14/02836/PAN Proposed amendments to approved mixed use development, including a new facade to replace the 6 / 7 St Andrew Square frontage, the introduction of class 1, class 2 and class 3 uses at first floor / ground floor and lower ground floor level, introduction of a rooftop restaurant (class 3), public realm improvements and other associated works at 3-8 St Andrew Square and 7-21 South St David Street

Presentation by Montagu Evans/Gareth Hoskins & CDA at September NTBCC. Divided opinions on merits of demolishing previously-listed building but general “person in the street” view would seem to be ambivalent to supportive of doing something. Plan to liaise with EWH (Adam Wilkinson) later in October (24th) before finalizing response ?

14/03607/PAN Amendment to approved scheme 05/03128/FUL. Demolition of existing office building & Masonic Club, new build incl. Masonic Club, Retail & Commercial to Leith Walk & Residential with associated access, parking, 69m west of 7 Shrub Place

PAN for an amended scheme at Shrub Place Lane development (old Edinburgh Council Tram Depot) which although technically is within the Leith Central CC area – it borders the NTBCC area & may have a possible impact on Leith Walk etc.

These amendments to include:-
1. Car park layout reduced,
2. Removal of commercial office to Block A and substitute with residential.
3. Redesign of internal flat layouts/cores/mix to comply with current Building Standards
4. Public Realm Redesigned.
5. Revise elevations

There are 2 Open Days scheduled, both at McDonald Road library:
– Tuesday 21/10/14 – 3.00 – 7.00pm
– Tuesday 11/11/14 – 3.00 – 7.00pm

14/0903/PAN 42 St Andrews Square, 19-23 South St Andrews Street, West Register Street & West Register Street Lane

Includes the “(ex)-Romanov” building in the south-east corner of St Andrews Square & Register Street / West Register Street. Details vague at this point – Residential, offices, Hotel, serviced apartments and Class 1 (Retail),2 (Professional offices),3 (Restaurant/café) uses including some demolition, some refurbishment & some new build

Public Exhibition dates set for November 4th & 6th (4pm & 7pm). Plan to request a separate session with the agents (Scott Hobbs) & the architects etc. on Monday November 3rd.

We would also like to get a clearer view from Edinburgh World Heritage & the Cockburn on their views for the whole St Andrews Square development.

14/xxxxx/xxx Edinburgh St James Information Forum

Offer of an update to St James Centre Plans to NTBCC Chair & Planning Convenor on Monday 27th October at The Glasshouse, Greenside Row (11am – 1:30pm). Proposal to also invite TIAA Henderson’s to November NTBCC to update a wider audience. Further proposals are expected in the coming months.

Intent to update stakeholders about the proposals for the site. Outline PP was granted in 2009 which established the principles of redeveloping the centre for a mix of uses and provided detailed approval for siting & maximum height of buildings. Various “reserved matters” applications are being progressed for the detailed design of the development which will be lodged for full PP in late 2014/early 2015.

Edinburgh Local Development Plan

Second Proposed Plan – representations requested

Representations completed & submitted for :

(1) Policy CC1 : To include Picardy Place & cycle routes in St James Centre Development Principles i.e. “a new civic space, public pedestrian and cycle routes to strengthen links with the surrounding area, especially St Andrews Square, Picardy Place and Princes Street.”
(2) Policy Ret 1 : support the emphasis on developments paying due regard and / or special attention to upper floors if not to be used for retail purposes, and how these may be put to, or brought into beneficial use.
(3) Policy Ret 1 : whether the proposal will help to create a safe and attractive (pedestrian – DELETE) environment, safeguard historic character and improve the appearance of the city centre including the public realm.
(4) Policy Ret 8 : The change of use of a shop unit in a local centre to a non-shop use will be permitted provided:
a) the change of use would not result in 4 or more consecutive non-shop uses Replace “and” with “or”;
b) the proposal is for an appropriate commercial, community or business use, which would complement the character of the centre and would not be detrimental to its vitality and viability.
(5) Policy Ret 10 : 255 Add west end of Rose Street/George Street to the Council’s Guidance for Businesses identifying sensitive areas in this regard namely Tollcross, Grassmarket, Nicolson/Clerk Street, west end of Rose Street/George Street and Broughton Place/Picardy Place and their environs.

Planning Applications / Representations

14/03491/FUL Change of use of ground floor Class 1 retail unit to Class 2 office. GF 107 George Street

Representation completed in support of ESPC move from 85 George Street to 107 George Street. Overall NTBCC have no concerns with this application and moreover we believe that relocating the current ESPC further to the west on George Street will maintain footfall and is fully consistent with the intent of the City Centre Retail Core policies. In addition, the proposed showroom helps draw visitors into the City Centre and away from retail parks on the peripheries of the city. Therefore, the NTBCC urge that this application is granted to ensure continuity of the ESPC’s presence on George Street.

Post meeting update : currently Planning Officer minded to refuse this application (as against City Centre Retail policy) but as there has been significant community support – it will be reviewed at the Development Management Sub-Committee on 22nd October.

Update on Previous Planning Applications / Representations

14/0746/FUL & LBC 30 Dundas Street

Representation submitted objecting to proposed changes to front elevation & rear single storey roof (installation of air conditioning, use of non-authorised materials).

Amended scheme proposed by architect to retain existing frontage & install plant machinery in roof void and refurbishing rear extension in slate / lead etc. Listed Building Consent (with only 5 objections) now granted. Full PP (with 18 objections) still pending but Planning Officer minded to grant subject to review at DMC.

14/0747/FUL & LBC 30 Dundas Street Installation of ATM

Representation submitted objecting to proposed changes to front elevation & proposing if ATM required then it should be located internally. Application (both Full & LBC now withdrawn) & NTBCC understand that ATM to be located inside building.

14/0292/FUL 30 McDonald Place (Batley’s C&C)

Variation of Condition 3 of planning permission 834/88 (as amended under appeal reference: PPA-230-2114, dated 19 June 2014) to extend the opening hours of the cash and carry to 08:30 to12:00 hours on Sundays.

Representation submitted strongly supporting Scottish Government Reporter position of no Sunday opening or deliveries. Amended application to permit Sunday opening supported by Planning Officer (minded to grant) but review & subsequent site visit by Development Management Committee (DMC). Decision pending.

Post meeting update : Application reviewed at DMC on 8th October & DMC minded to refuse this application – against the recommendation of the Planning Officer but consistent with the recommendation of the Scottish Reporter. Further review scheduled for 22nd October.

14/02786/FUL 1-6 Canonmills Bridge (currently Earthy’s)

Change of use from class 3 to retail, erection 6 flats and 3 town houses and minor alterations to elevations

Original representation submitted by NTBCC against the 2009 application but subsequently granted in May 2013. NTBCC proposed refurbishment of existing premises rather than demolition & redevelopment (which has now happened). Subsequent application to vary elevation details attracted 230 comments – mostly mistaken objections to the 2009 application. Application for elevation changes pending.