Powderhall consultation

(adapted from the preamble on the CEC consultation hub)

CEC has decided to prepare a ‘place brief’ for the Powderhall area, in full consultation with local residents and stakeholders, and based on the Scottish Government placemaking policies standard. (Place briefs are non-statutory guidance that should enable a broader and more informed final design of the redevelopment.)

To take part in the consultation for the place brief, visit CEC’s consultation hub.

The place brief will consider the following opportunities for the Powderhall site;

  • Housing – provision of affordable and mixed tenure housing
  • Existing stable building – creation of a hub providing flexible workspaces and community space
  • Education –  opportunity to create a new nursery school nearby the existing on primary school
  • Green space – opportunity to enhance and improve green spaces

This programme of non-statutory consultation will continue from now through to October 2018, culminating in the preparation of a place brief that will set agreed uses and design parameters for the development. Additional statutory consultation will follow in 2019 as part of the formal planning process.