Proposed Partial Road Closure – Waverley Bridge

Abridged email from ‘Spaces for People’ (received at 4:18pm on Friday 5th June)  – previously communicated to key stakeholders including local Ward Councillors – then an updated copy emailled to the New Town & Broughton Community Council and the Old Town Community Council.

Covid-19 Cycling and Walking Emergency Response Measures

‘Please be advised that we are proposing to partially close Waverley Bridge at the junction with East Market Street allowing only taxi access and loading from Market Street.  Waverley Bridge will also be closed to vehicles at the junction with Princes Street as part of overall emergency measures to re-designate key parts of the road network to help pedestrians and cyclists travel safely while meeting physical distancing requirements. Cycle access from Princes Street will still be available  Such measures are required urgently to help prevent people from becoming ill or coming to harm by infection from COVID-19 whilst implementing physical distancing requirements.  
Space has been allocated to allow queuing for users of Waverley Station and for taxis. Loading access for Waverley Station and Princes Mall will be maintained and will be subject to further review.
These measures will be implemented under emergency delegated decision-making powers using a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order.’
‘Spaces for People Team’

Again, we are advised that normal expectations about community consultations cannot be fulfilled. However, if you should want to raise any issues, please get in touch using the Contact Us option on our website. This will also be discussed at the next NTBCC meeting on Monday 8th June.

Please note that the deadline for submitting comments to the ‘Spaces for People’ team is 5:00pm on Wednesday 10th June 2020.

If the proposal is agreed for implementation, ‘Spaces for People’ advise that formal publicity will then be undertaken so that local people are aware of the changes. They also have a dedicated inbox to help manage any feedback around proposals –

The proposed design for the scheme covering Waverley Bridge including an updated drawing for the emergency response measures and the inclusion of the key. can be viewed here.