Proposed Powderhall Development – News & Further Consultation on Use of Bowling Greens

As previously communicated, the Draft Place Brief – as developed as part of the wider consultation – is available as an appendix to the report by officers to the Planning Committee on 12 December (Item 7.1). A copy can be accessed here.

The Place Brief was endorsed – albeit with several questions about the amount of ‘green space’ being prescribed & the possible linkage across the (redundant?) railway line to Redbraes Park.

For those with stout dispositions, the Planning Committee webcast (covering the discussion on the Draft Place Brief) can be viewed here (again Item 7.1).

NTBCC have also been made aware of further consultation, regarding the use of the former bowling greens.

This will take will take place on the Thursday 14th March 2019 between 5-7pm at Broughton Primary School

As always, members of the public with an interest in this development are encouraged to attend (and NTBCC members will also be attending).

Regarding progress on the other areas, in response to a request for updates by NTBCC to the CEC Powderhall team:

Main Site Demolition
The demolition is progressing fairly well with an anticipated completion of early May 19 but there have been some delays. Demolition of the main building has already started but will be delayed due to the discovery of additional/unknown asbestos within the structure.’

The former welfare block is in the process of demolition and the large water storage tank will be demolished once testing has been completed.’ (expected in early March).

However,we would note that, in the past few days, some cladding had been removed from the main building so we assume that issues with the presence of asbestos have been resolved.

Stable Block
CEC have applied for possible grant-funding from the Scottish Government Regeneration Capital Grant Fund for refurbishment of the listed ‘stable-block’ building. The Place Brief states that ‘Consideration should be given to its future use as workspace/event space with potential community uses‘ , which NTBCC supports in principle. NTBCC also provided input into the CEC funding application regarding potential community uses for this building including arts/culture, micro-offices, community space including large meeting space.

The decision on whether this application for 2019/2020 funding has been successful is expected in March/April 2019.

More broadly, given endorsement at the Planning Committee on the Place Brief, expectation is that either a PAN or separate planning applications for specific areas will be brought forwards later in 2019.