Proposed Residential Development at the B&Q site on Warriston Road

The New Town & Broughton Community Council members visited the first of the public consultations in late July to see the initial thoughts by the developers, Artisan Group and appointed architects, Sheppard Robson. Their initial proposals for new residential buildings on the site were displayed in a series of exhibition boards, which can be viewed here.

In summary – the proposals include :

  • Proposal for 4 irregular-shaped blocks at the corners of the site, set back to a degree from Warriston Road, to include private gardens and a publicly accessible green link from Warriston Road to Powderhall Road.
  • Between 180 – 250 residential units with the blocks varying between 4 and 6 storeys, to match the buildings adjacent (ex Waterson’s warehouse – now residential) and Miller Homes development fronting St Mark’s Park to the east.
  • The design to respect both the view from Warriston Path across the site towards Calton Hill as well as other views southward across the city centre.
  • In common with their other recent developments, an emphasis on biodiversity-friendly landscaping, including potentially “living” roofs.
  • All parking for the site accommodated in the basements of the buildings but with the focus of encouraging pedestrian and cycle routes.

Overall, it is difficult to make a final judgement on the proposal given the level of detail available so far but our initial impressions were broadly favourable. Clearly, whilst some may miss the convenience of B&Q being on the site, very few will miss the contribution the current shed, its yard or its car park make to the aesthetics of this stretch of the Water of Leith.

NTBCC are not averse to development of this brownfield site and understand that Edinburgh Council may desire a reasonable density of development for this site but we believe and hope that this development can bring benefits to the area.

We are supportive of the development’s porous through route and the aspirations regarding bio-diversity. We are supportive of the provision of affordable housing within the development.

The key consideration will be the final height and form of the buildings and their impact on the setting of the Water of Leith.

Whilst not objecting to the residential-led philosophy, we that there could be a place for limited non-residential class usage within the development.

Although this is in the early stages of planning, our key concerns remain the impact that this development may have cumulatively on local infrastructure (chiefly education provision and healthcare) and most importantly, traffic flows in the area.

The full text of our feedback to the developer can be seen The full text of our feedback to the developer can been seen here.

The developers have a website, which provides further background and updates.

We look forward to the next stage of the planning process within the next few months.