Residents’ Parking Dispensation (Central Zones)

As communicated via twitter yesterday by @NTBCC and local councillors – now live as from 19 March.

As far as we understand -this has been in place in certain Central zones as well as the Extended Parking zones but now in place across all Central Zones ( 1 – 8).

Text of email from Edinburgh Council sent out to all current Resdients’ Permit Holders earlier.


Dear Resident

Parking Dispensation

I write with regard to the current Covid-19 situation and government advice asking some people to work from home.

All residents who have received this email and who hold a valid Residents’ Parking Permit will be granted dispensation to park their vehicles in pay and display parking places located within their own Zone (provided those bays are not subject to a suspension) until further notice.

A valid Residents’ Permit must be displayed to take advantage of this dispensation.

Please ensure you continue to park correctly, keeping yellow lines clear for emergency service vehicles and to allow for the delivery of essential supplies, to shops and to help other residents to receive deliveries to their homes.

Any vehicle parked incorrectly or not displaying a valid permit may be issued with a parking ticket.

If you have any queries regarding this e-mail please visit our website at

Yours faithfully

Gavin Sherriff
Parking Contract Manager

Gavin Sherriff, Parking Contract Manager, Place
Planning & Transport, City Chambers, High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1YJ