Royal High School – how to object

NTBCC is resolutely opposed to the current proposals to convert the former Royal High School into a hotel. Reasons include the proposed demolition of important parts of Edinburgh’s architectural heritage; the scale of the proposed development, which would mar important views; issues with the economics of the proposed development, lack of public access and lack of sustainability. NTBCC supports an alternative proposal to convert the RHS into a new home for St Mary’s music school.

NTBCC strongly encourages others to object to the planned, irrevocable changes. It will publish its finished objection soon, in the hope that this will enable others to submit their own.

There is still time to object to the current proposals. As Edinburgh Council put it

There have been difficulties in submitting comments on the Planning Portal regarding the  Royal High School applications.There are two reasons for this:

  • the portal was not functioning properly between 26 and 28 September; and
  • the response time of portal has been affected by the sheer volume of web traffic and becomes very slow especially at certain times of day.

For this reason, Edinburgh Council has decided to extend the deadlines for submitting comments.

The new dates are as follows:

Listed Building Consent Application – 15/03990/LBC: Tuesday 6 October 2015

Planning Application – 15/03989/FUL: Tuesday 13 October 2015

The reason the dates are different is because one week extra is allowed for the planning application because it is accompanied by an Environmental Statement.

From Edinburgh Council’s point of view, it is far more efficient to receive comments online as they can be processed electronically and it saves considerably on officer time. This is particularly important with developments that attract a high degree of public interest and it ensures that no comments are missed. Edinburgh Council recommends that people type up their comments in a word processor then copy and paste them into the form on the portal. If the system is running slowly, Edinburgh Council asks people to be patient and not to keep clicking as the system will respond eventually.

Edinburgh Council will accept emails/letters in the normal way provided they are received by the published dates, but these do take longer to process.