‘Spaces for People’ : Deputation covering Potential Retention of SfP Measures

Adapted from email sent to Local Ward Councillors


Attached is a copy of the deputation that NTBCC has submitted to the City of Edinburgh Full Council meeting on 24 June for consideration, focussing on the schemes either within or directly adjacent to NTBCC’s area.

Whilst NTBCC are supportive of retaining some schemes, we consider that others should be removed or significantly revised as soon as possible. In all cases, we believe that further engagement would be helpful in ensuring any retained measures are reviewed/designed to both most effectively support Council objectives as well as the needs of the community.

Having read the report submitted to the Transport and Environment Committee, we did not see any explicit reference to the consultation responses from Community Councils and other Stakeholders.  NTBCC was invited to submit their responses to the consultation separately from those being gathered from residents and businesses. However, it is unclear how our response has been taken into account in the overall analysis.  You will recall that we had previously raised concerns about the design of the public consultation and in particular the inclusion of the schemes within the NTBCC area for which the design had not yet been completed, let alone implemented. It would appear that the Market Research was also undertaken before the final details of some planned schemes were known. We are concerned that if the consultations conducted by the Council are not credible that it will undermine this important aspect of local democracy.

As you are also undoudtedly aware, NTBCC had submitted detailed proposals for Broughton Street based on feedback and analysis of responses to the Commonplace Mapping exercise and from discussions with local residents and businesses. We were disappointed that so little was implemented on Broughton Street under the Spaces for People process especially with regard to the pavement widening at the southern end of Broughton Street. While we understand the constraints that the Trams project is currently placing on this area, we would welcome discussions with you and Council officials on the longer term options for improving this street.

We look forward to further discussions with you at future meetings of the NTBCC.