‘Statutory’ agendas for NTBCC meeting on Monday 10 June

The next NTBCC public meeting will be on Monday 10 June. It will be an in-person meeting, in the Drummond Room, Broughton St Mary’s Church, 12 Bellevue Cres, Edinburgh EH3 6NE.

The detailed agendas for this meeting will be published in due course, but for now here are the ‘statutory’/framework agendas.

Annual general meeting

  • Annual report (chair and convenors)
  • Accounts for financial year 2023-24)
  • Demission and election of office bearers

Ordinary meeting

    1. Welcome, introductions and apologies
    2. Approval of draft minutes of May ordinary meeting
    3. Matters arising
    4. Policing matters
    5. Transport
    6. Licensing
    7. Culture & Communities
    8. Environment
    9. Engagement / Communications
    10. Planning
    11. Councillors’ reports
    12. Open Forum (for residents to raise any concerns)
    13. AOCB

This is the NTBCC standard agenda. A more detailed agenda with specific topics will be published before the meeting.

As always, members of the public are very welcome to attend this meeting and indeed future meetings (whether in-person or virtual).

Any member of the public who would like to raise an issue in the interim can use the contact form on this website or send us a message via @NTBCC on Twitter and we will respond as soon as we can.