NTBCC minutes – Monday 14 September 2020

Minutes of New Town & Broughton Community Council’s public meeting, held via Zoom, on Monday 14 September 2020 at 7pm

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NTBCC minutes – Monday 10 August 2020

Minutes of New Town & Broughton Community Council’s public meeting, held via Zoom, on Monday 10 August 2020 at 7pm

Actions and decisions are red italic. ND (‘no dissent’) means that no-one spoke or voted against a decision. Continue reading

Brief Highlights from NTBCC’s 10 August Zoom Meeting

A second, very successful, NTBCC meeting using the Zoom platform with members of the public both welcome and involved.  Despite some last minute technical issues (& inability by some NTBCC members to locate the Zoom link-in details!) – we were happy  to record 15 community councillors were present (virtually) – including one of our office bearers  from the back seat of a car many miles from Edinburgh.

Also we all appreciated attendance by 5 ward councillors - many thanks to Councillors Doran, Miller & Mowat from the City centre ward (almost a full house) and also Councillors Osler & Barrie from Inverleith Ward for joining us. Having Councillors present is really helpful in many of the discussions, both to understand current council thinking as well as being able to pick up issues.

As an aside – we also regularly extend an invitation to Leith Walk ward councillors as a significant part of NTBCC’s area lies within Leith Walk ward. They would be very welcome at future community council meetings.

Last, but by no means least, almost a dozen members of the public. And we mustn’t forget the roving Broughton Spurtle editor also joining us from afar.

We would also thank Police Scotland for providing an excellent summary of their activities in the city centre – unprompted by us – much appreciated. Key messages were a continued issue with cycle thefts (incl. Just Eat hire cycles), police checks for Covid-compliance on licensed premises, reported improvements in anti-social behaviour at Waverley Mall with the temporary village now set up and increased focus on speed checks across the city centre.

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York Place Closure (Westbound) : 17 August – 12 October 2020

Adapted from an email received on 12th August from Irene Gibb (Laing O'Rourke on behalf of 'Together for Edinburgh') on the closure of York Place (westbound) in support of Tram Works, Cycle lane provision (CCWEL) and works supporting the Edinburgh St James Project 

Attached is a letter outlining the various works programmes being undertaken in and around York Place between Monday 17 August – Monday 12 October. This letter has already been shared with local residents and businesses.

In addition to details on the programmes taking place at York Place, the attached also contains contact information for individual contractors carrying out the works. See also below for information on diversions that will be put in place:

  • Diversion Route –  During the closure general traffic will be redirected down Broughton Street, turning left along Albany Street and Abercromby Place, turning left into Queen Street Gardens East and then right back onto Queen Street.
  • Diverted Buses – Lothian Buses will be redirected up Leith Street to connect with Princes Street and consequently will not be using the general traffic diversion route.
  • Parking along the Diversion Route – There will be no changes to the existing parking regulations during the period of the diversion

Please feel free to share the details above and in the attached (link  here) with community council members and local residents.

Kind regards,

Irene Gibb

Community Liaison & Sustainability Lead

Laing O'Rourke


+44 (07384526385)

NTBCC Meeting Agenda – 10 August 2020

Agenda for online meeting: 6:45pm for 7.00pm start

We very much welcome members of the public joining the meeting (using the Zoom platform) by  registering here:


In addition, anyone who wants to raise an issue for discussion can do so either by using NTBCC's Contact form or send a message via @NTBCC on Twitter

Here is the draft agenda:

* Important that all summaries issued prior to the meeting

Item Time allocated
  1. 6:45 – 7:00pm: Technology check / admin
15 minutes
  1. Welcome / NTBCC membership update
5 minutes
  1. Minutes of 8th June Meeting (via Zoom) and Matters Arising
    (To approve)
  1. Police report
    (to note, Police Scotland key messages as received to be circulated prior to meeting)
5 minutes
  1. * Transport
    1. Safer Streets – ‘Spaces for People’ latest news/update
      (to note & discuss overall process)
    2. Broughton Street – NTBCC proposal to SfP – next steps
      (including feedback from residents, Residents’ Associations & Broughton Street traders)
    3. Response to concerns regarding impact of increased traffic in Bellevue Road/Annandale Street
      (summary of concerns raised to be distributed prior to meeting)
    4. Concerns raised re Tram Work Alternative Diversion routing suggestions through NTBCC area
30 minutes
  1. * Planning
    1. RBS site (Ediston): Latest news/Ediston July newsletter
      (to note & agree any further follow-up / discussion prior to the planning application being submitted)
10 minutes
  1. Events
    1. Edinburgh Christmas & Hogmanay
      (to note – update following APOG meeting 21st July)
10 minutes
  1. * Engagement/Communications
10 minutes
  1. * Licensing
    by exception
  1. * Environment
  1. NTBCC Annual Report (Apr ‘19 – Mar ’20) for AGM (with AGM date TBC)
    (To comment on final draft)
5 minutes
  1. Local residents’ associations
    (To note information/agree action for any requests/contacts from them)
  1. Any other business
    (to include any contact by residents not already covered)

Broughton Street Improvements – Proposal for Input into the ‘Spaces for People’ process

The New Town & Broughton Community Council is aware of the many comments submitted through the Spaces for People ‘Commonplace’ interactive tool in respect to improvements on Broughton Street and is supportive of any measures that would make Broughton Street safer for pedestrians and support local businesses.

Now that proposals for many of the designated ‘town centres’ and some other streets have been brought forward by Edinburgh Council, NTBCC  urge the Council to look further ahead and prioritise proposals for Broughton Street as soon as possible and take the opportunity to develop the street as a destination rather than as a thoroughfare.

We note the original proposal by Mark Lazarowicz on social media and his amended proposal which can be viewed here (email response to  NTBCC after seeing the draft minutes posted for the June NTBCC meeting). Mark’s proposals have been a welcome stimulus to debate. NTBCC’s initial view is that there is insufficient space to expand pavements on both sides, as well as retain two lanes of traffic and the required number of loading bays to support the many local, independent businesses - as well as create a proposed segregated cycle lane. In our view, this would result in a cluttered appearance, and encourage vehicles and (northbound) cycles to speed within their segregated spaces.

NTBCC’s current view is that -

  • Traffic should be reduced to two lanes (except at the junction with Picardy Place heading south)
  • Cycles should be encouraged to use the much safer Dublin Street, which also provides a direct link with the North St Andrew Street cycle lane and is the designated NCN 75 route. This would have the added advantage of encouraging cycles to avoid, where possible, the Picardy gyratory. Implementation of the long-awaited crossing at the junction of London Street and Drummond Place should be expedited to further improve this.
  • ‘Dwelling’ should be encouraged in the expanded footway, to attract trade for local business and improve the ambience for pedestrians in what is one of Edinburgh’s most attractive and characterful streets.
  • Pavements should be extended along much of the street on both sides, removing the 13 Pay & Display spaces (retaining an appropriate number of Blue Badge spaces) and, following consultation with local businesses, remove some of the loading bays (from the current 13 on Broughton Street)  to, for example, 4 on the east and 3 on the west sides. Another option would be to consider time windows for deliveries – similar to proposals elsewhere.
  • The pavement could be wider on the eastern, sunnier side to encourage “dwelling” (following a principle employed in the plans for George Street). Extension of the footway should if possible avoid plastic ‘wands’, which are obtrusive and unsightly and can be hazardous when moved out of position by vehicles or high winds.
  • In the longer term, low bollards as deployed on George IV Bridge should be used to prevent vehicles encroaching on pavements. We recommend that all bus stops be retained.
  • The street suffers from speeding traffic and the roadway should be made safe for cycling with physical traffic calming measures in both directions to enforce the 20mph limit. The main enemy of cycling in Edinburgh is speeding traffic.

NTBCC believe these proposals are consistent with the weight of opinion expressed on the Spaces for People ‘Commonplace’ tool for Broughton St. We believe that there should of course be further consultation and discussion with residents and local businesses, preferably by the SfP team. However, given the concerns expressed by some regarding the consultation process, NTBCC will also try to gauge the views of local businesses as well as input from residents’ associations.

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