NTBCC full agenda Monday 8 April 2024 and conveners’ reports received so far

This will be an in-person meeting: Monday 8 April at 7pm, in the Drummond Room at Broughton St Mary’s Church on Bellevue Crescent.

  1. Admin/welcome
  2. Minutes of 11th March 2024 meeting and matters arising
  3. Chair’s update
  4. Canonmills Owners and Residents Association (CORA), Garden Area Eyre Place (23/01201/FUL)
  5. Treasurer’s report
  6. Community grants fund
  7. Licensing (convener’s report)
    • Supplementary Statement of Licensing Policy: ‘Overprovision’ – consultation closes 13 May 2024
    • Outdoor drinking versus non-drinking areas
  8. Transport (convener’s report)
    • Future streets meeting – proposed arrangements
    • LEZ implementation – proposed questions for quarterly transport meeting with Council officials
    • April Transport and Environment Committee – expected agenda items (confirm NTBCC position)
  9. Planning (convener’s report)
    • 26 Dunedin St – Student Housing (PBSA) – revised proposal (24/01451/FUL)
    • Current cases with Scottish Government, Division of Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA), including City Plan 2030 Update
    • Current consultations: City Plan 2040 Participation (closes 1 May 2024)
    • ‘City Plan 2040’: Local Place Plans – update on NTBCC position
  10. Culture and Communities (convener’s report)
    • Update on ongoing issues
  11. Environment (convener’s report)
    • Princes Street and Waverley strategy
  12. Councillors’ reports
  13. Any other business, including news from local Residents’ Associations and points raised by members of public

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Licensing Board – Applications in NTBCC’s Area : 15 February 2024

Adapted from a Licensing Board notification received by the New Town & Broughton Community Council of new alcohol licensing application(s) within NTBCC’s area.

Should you wish to share your views/concerns with NTBCC, please contact us by email to licensing@ntbcc.org.uk 

Please find below the following application(s) due to be heard at the meeting of the Licensing Board (dates to be confirmed) which are located in your Community Council area.

Variation      512647      6 Baxter’s Place (Planet), Edinburgh, EH1 3AF

Variation      520047      1 Canonmills (One Canon), Edinburgh, EH3 5HA

Any comments/objections should be lodged in writing by 07/03/2024 (please note we recommend forwarding representations by e-mail to licensing@edinburgh.gov.uk).

Full details of the applications can be found here: www.edinburgh.gov.uk/downloads/download/13426/alcohol-licence-registers

NTBCC meeting minutes 12 June 2023

Minutes of New Town & Broughton Community Council’s ordinary meeting, at Broughton St Mary’s church, on Monday 12 June 2023 at 7pm

Actions and decisions are red italic. ND (‘no dissent’) means that no-one spoke or voted against a decision.

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Further Update on Canonmills Roadworks

In response to concerns raised by local residents about noise associated with the work being undertaken at night to resurface various sections of road in the Canonmills area, we have received the following update from the Council about the work:

• It has been possible to undertake more work during the day than originally planned without having to close the roadway

• As a result, the work is progressing quicker than planned and should be complete by 14 July

• The Council has reiterated to the Contractor that the noisiest activities should be complete by 11.00pm each night

• Should anyone have specific concerns about noise levels, these can be reported to the Council’s Noise Team by calling 0131 200 2000 or emailing Licensing.Standards@edinburgh.gov.uk

We have also advised our local Councillors about the concerns we have received.

Communal Bin Review (Phase 4) : Drop In sessions covering Parking Zones 5,5A & 6

Adapted from an email sent  to the New Town & Broughton Community Council and Stockbridge & Inverleith Community Council regarding further ‘Drop-in’ information events scheduled in the next month where residents will be able to ask questions of Council officers, see details of what’s happening and importantly, find out how to comment on the new bin hub locations.

Nearest location is Broughton St Mary’s Church on 29 June (10:00am – 1:00pm) but also other possibilities.

Dear Community Councils,

The Communal Bin Review (CBR) project aims to improve recycling and waste services for those living in flats. The project will make it easier for residents to recycle by ensuring they have access to a full range of recycling bins: non-recyclable waste, food waste, glass, and mixed recycling.

As agreed by Committee, the CBR team is planning engagement with the public prior to the statutory Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) for phase 4 which also covers are within your Community Council.  The feedback provided by members of the public on specific locations will be considered and accommodated where possible and in accordance with the review framework recently approved by Committee last May 2023.  This will support the determination of final bin hub locations that will undergo the statutory consultation TRO process anticipated to start in Autumn 2023.

As part of the engagement process, letters with a map of the proposed bin hub locations are being posted to residents (see Example here) and should be delivered in the next few days.

Also attached are the proposed bin hub locations for

Parking Zone 5 (St. Bernard’s Row & Dean St);

Parking Zone 5A (Saxe-Coburg Place/Saxe-Coburng St / Dean Bank Lane; Hamilton Place; Henderson Row ;  Brandon St / Henderson Place / Perth St.)  


Parking Zone 6 (Canonmills / Rodney St ; Brandon St / Brandon Terrace / Canon St ; Eyre Place / Logan St ; Eyre Terrace ; East London St (western section)).

More general information for these proposed bin hub locations is also available on line through a link in the darker shade areas in the city map.

Drop-in information events will be held as per schedule below :

Date Location Time
29 June 2023 Broughton St Mary’s Church, 12 Bellevue Crescent 10am-1pm
30 June 2023 Barclay Viewforth Church, 1 Wright’s Houses 2-5pm
3 July 2023 Stockbridge Library, 11 Hamilton Place 3-6pm
6 July 2023 Morningside Parish Church, 2 Cluny Gardens 3-6pm
11 July 2023 Cameron House Community Centre, 34 Prestonfield Avenue 2-5pm
12 July 2023 King’s Hall, 41A South Clerk Street 3-6pm
13 July 2023 The Well Café, 25 Nicolson Square 10am-1pm & 2-5pm

I hope you find the information useful and please get in touch if you have any questions

Sent by Erica Manfroi | Project Delivery Manager – Communal Bin Review | Waste and Cleansing Services

City of Edinburgh Council | Seafield Depot | 1 Fillyside Road, Edinburgh, EH7 6RD

NTBCC meeting full agenda Monday 12 June 2023, and convenor reports

NTBCC ordinary meeting: Drummond room at Broughton St Mary’s Church on Bellevue Crescent
Monday 12 June starting at 7:00pm

  1. Welcome / Introductions / Attendance
  2. Approval of the minutes of the ordinary NTBCC meeting held on 8 May 2023
  3. Matters arising from previous minutes, and not included on agenda below (To approve)
  4. Police matters, assuming attendance by Police (To note)
  5. Transport (Convener’s report)
  6. Environment (Convener’s report)
    • George Street & First New Town’ – TEC update 15 June  (including proposal for trees) (To note)
    • Waste management (time extension of GPB trial/proposal for STLs) (To note)
    • Use of communal bins – NTBCC position (re concerns raised by an ELS resident) (To agree)
  7. Licensing (Convener’s report)
    • HMO Best Practice Guide 2023’ consultation (10 August) (To note)
    • Other licensing applications (W Hotel/Use of St James Square/1 Gayfield Square) (To discuss)
  8. Culture and Communities (Convener’s report)
  9. Planning (Convener’s report)
  10. Communications
    • EACC consultation 23 June (To note/agree NTBCC position)
  11. Residents’ Open Forum/AOCB

Please note: before or during the meeting, names and email addresses may be recorded. Email addresses are held and used for circulating information about NTBCC but may also be used to seek residents’ views on local issues.

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Updated Information about Planned Resurfacing Work around Canonmills

Regarding the planned introduction of one-way traffic restrictions at Canonmills and the associated work to the carriageway and footpaths in the area, we have received the following updates (in italics below) from the Council’s Roads department with our comments following:

o The start has been put back a week till 12 June to give proper consideration to the proposals put forward by the Contractor and make sure that what will be in place works. Hopefully, this will also allow information about the work and traffic management to be better communicated to residents and businesses in the area.

o Traffic management will now not be placed on street till 7pm. The restriction to one-way traffic (northbound only) on Canonmills will therefore operate from 7.00pm until 6.30am (Monday to Friday). Traffic will be able to use Canonmills in both directions outside these times. There is some question whether Saturday morning work is also planned, and we will seek clarification on this point.

o In terms of noise, milling and jackhammering should cease at 11pm but work will continue until the Contractor is finished the laying operation which will be into the small hours. This will not be noise free. Apologies in advance, but there is no way to avoid this. We will continue to lobby the local Councillors to restrict the hours noisy work is undertaken to limit the impact on residents and for noise monitoring to be undertaken during the work.

o As the nature of the streets surrounding are predominately residential and in the New Town, there are no plans to sign a specific diversion route as there are numerous routes that can be taken and avoid the funnelling of traffic along one particular route. The bus drivers will know what route they have been advised to take. While we agree that there are multiple routes that could be used, we are concerned that there will be an increase in traffic at night along residential routes by all vehicles including buses and HGV. We will be lobbying our local Councillors to seek additional monitoring of traffic volumes along these diversions. We will also seek clarity about which routes the bus drivers have been told to take.

o As Warriston Road will be closed at times to surface the junction then the only access to that part of Warriston Road is via Logie Green Road. That section of Warriston Road is one-way, hence the suspension of the order.  It is also narrow so parking will be suspended and temporary lights will be in place to control traffic. Although this is necessary for a short time to allow residents access, given the narrowness of the road to the east, appropriate and clear signage needs to be in place and caution exercised by all road users.  

If you live in this area or use Canonmills to travel into or out of the City Centre and have any questions or concerns about this work and the planned traffic management, please let us know using the Contact page.