Additional Agenda Item for NTBCC August meeting

As reported recently in the Spurtle’s August edition, concerns have been voiced over the access to the Drummond Community High School playground.

“Following temporary closure of Drummond CHS’s playground in February, Spurtle has been investigating public access here. In Issue 274, we recalled the then Education Convener Cllr Ewan Aitken’s 2003 public commitment to renegotiate CEC’s contract with Amey in order to guarantee sufficient access out of school hours. In May we submitted a Freedom of Information request to the Council to establish the outcome of that renegotiation. CEC has now responded formally to say: ‘The access arrangements for Drummond High School [sic] reflect the standard hours within the PPP1 contract and there is no record of any subsequent renegotiation to change these hours after the contract was signed.’ Officials have since clarified the minimum hours during which Amey must open the playground. Term time: 7.30am–10pm (Mon–Fri), 9am–1pm (Sat). Holidays: 8am–5pm (Mon–Fri). By accident or design, the whole issue seems to have been quietly shelved. However, very few people consider that such limited hours, if they were enforced, would be enough to meet demand. “

(The Spurtle Issue 276 August 2018)

We agree that limiting access to these hours, especially during the summer holiday time (with light evenings and unseasonal (to Edinburgh) weather), appears contrary to many Edinburgh Council objectives.

We will discuss this issue at August’s NTBCC meeting – come along and let us know your view.