**Update** for Edinburgh Partnership Review and Consultation of Governance and Community Planning Arrangement

Edinburgh Council have issued a slight change to their Word questionnaire mentioned in this post.

The questions are unchanged. The only amendment is the removal of the wording in red shown below:

This has been done to support people who responded ‘No’ to question 2.1 to enter responses to the rest of questions in section 2 if they wish to do so.

Anyone who has already responded and who may wish to amend their responses should contact community.planning@edinburgh.gov.uk so they can be supported to do so. The updated Word questionnaire is HERE.

Edinburgh Partnership Review and Consultation of Governance and Community Planning Arrangements

(adapted from an email from Edinburgh Council)

The Edinburgh Partnership is carrying out a consultation on improving community planning governance arrangements in the city following a period of review.The consultation is asking your views on:

  • How communities and community groups can more effectively influence decisions about their communities.
  • How the governance arrangements can be improved to:
    • make it clear how decisions are made, and who is making them, by improving the groups and structures involved
    • make partnership working stronger
    • make better connections between the different levels of the partnership working in the city.

The consultation is now open and can be accessed using the following link: Consultation link.

You can also take part in this consultation by using the attached word document. It comes with supporting documentation and an equalities monitoring form. The completed word document should be emailed to community.planning@edinburgh.gov.uk or returned by post to:

Community Strategies Unit
The City of Edinburgh Council
Business Centre 2/1
Waverley Court
4 East Market Street
Edinburgh, EH4 7BG.

The consultation closes on Sunday 9th September 2018.

If you need further information or support to participate in this consultation please contact us at community.planning@edinburgh.gov.uk.

South East Locality Committee news

(adapted from an email to relevant community councils from Cllrs Mandy Watt and Melanie Main)

The councillors aim to regularly email updates to CCs within South East Locality, ‘to give a heads up about business items for each meeting and provide information in a less formal way than simply sending the committee papers’.

The first meeting of the South East Locality Committee (SELC) was held on Wednesday 21st February at 2pm in the City Chambers. 

Councillor Mandy Watt was elected Convener and Councillor Melanie Main was elected Vice-Convener.  The meeting received updates on the progress of the Locality Improvement Plans, the Edinburgh Partnership’s community planning governance review, and Councillor Nick Cook’s Motion on safety in Greenbank Lane. Councillors agreed some of the business for the next meeting, mostly around how the committee will run, i.e. meeting dates, times and venues, a report on annual rotation of Conveners and Vice-Conveners, and a report to kick off the development of the Community Engagement Strategy for the SELC.

You can watch the meeting here:

You can see the meeting papers here:

Next meeting Monday 23 April 6:30pm Dean of Guild Room, City Chambers

The meeting is public – anyone can attend and watch from the public gallery.  Any constituted group can send a deputation to speak on any item of business.

The committee will aim to set its April agenda and make information available in time for community councils to discuss is at their March or April meeting. It has asked for community council nominees to attend meetings, sot hat meetings are inclusive

Locality Committee Governance

Locality Committees have been set up as decision-making Council Committees to conduct Council business only, and are not part of the Community Planning Partnership – that’s the work of the Edinburgh Partnership.  The principles, membership, remit and terms of reference set by the Council in November 2017 are below.