Community Councils Together on Trams/Trams Team meeting, 29 October 2020

Minutes of the Community Councils Together on Trams/Trams Team meeting (Construction Phase) via Google Meet on Thursday 29 October 2020 at 5:30pm Continue reading

Environmental and climate events

There are currently many opportunities to get involved in environmental and climate-change activities. Check out some or all of these posts on Leith Central, Leith Harbour & Newhaven and New Town & Broughton CCs' websites

And while you're doing that, why not check out what else CCs in central and north-east Edinburgh are doing for their communities?


The #BigClimateDebate has now arrived. Join the most important discussion of our time. The Big Climate Debate is YOUR opportunity to influence climate change policies. Each evening, an elected representative will give a short presentation on their parties’ policies and actions. You will hear their achievements and proposals to tackle the climate and ecological emergency. We will then open the session to audience’s questions.

Join Sarah Boyack Labour MSP on Monday 2nd November 2020

Join Finn Carson Conservative MSP on Tuesday 3rd November 2020,

Join Patrick Harvie Green MSP on Wednesday 4th November 2020.

Join Christine Jardine Liberal Democrat MP on Thursday 5th November 2020.

Join Deidre Brock SNP MP on Monday 9th November 2020,

Following these sessions, we will be honoured to gather all speakers and Government Minister together for a panel discussion on 18th November 2020, 5PM where they will debate questions asked by YOU. More details to come.

Looking forward to seeing you there,

Kind regards,

Foysol Choudhury MBE
Edinburgh & Lothians Regional Equality Council
14 Forth Street, Edinburgh EH1 3LH
(T) 0131 556 0441

Edinburgh Talks Climate – Climate Change and Young People in Edinburgh

Email from Chris Peggie, Governance Officer at the City of Edinburgh Council - requesting that we share the details / links for the 'Edinburgh Talks Climate' initiative -  most relevant for young people but open to all members of the public to participate (age immaterial!).

'The City of Edinburgh Council recently launched Edinburgh Talks Climate, starting a new phase of engagement and collaboration around climate change.

In February, we talked to some of the young people attending the Edinburgh Youth Summit to find out what they feel the key issues are around climate change.  We also discovered why they felt it was important to be included in work and discussions aimed at creating a better, fairer and more sustainable city.

This week, we have launched a follow-up challenge aimed at the interests of younger people in Edinburgh.  We want to know what most concerns people about climate change in Edinburgh and what changes they think need to happen so that the city can become greener and more sustainable. We encourage people of all ages to take part in the conversation.

We’d be grateful if you could share this with your colleagues and networks and ask them to join in the discussion.

Social Media info

Thank you for your continued support with this.

Kind regards


Emma Candy | Senior Policy & Insight Officer | Strategy and Communications | Chief Executive | The City of Edinburgh Council | Business Centre 2.1 Waverley Court | 4 East Market Street | Edinburgh | EH8 8BG | '

Carbon Neutral Edinburgh 2030: Roundtable 6-8pm Wed 12 Aug

Carbon Neutral Edinburgh 2030: Roundtable is a Zoom meeting, organised by Transition Edinburgh ( and the Council. It is on at 6-8pm, Wednesday 12 August.

People in civil society organisations can book a place via

From the Eventbrite page:

Our city has an ambitious target to reach carbon neutral by 2030.  Join this roundtable to collectively build momentum across civil society and local government to meet the target in Edinburgh.

We’re inviting people in civil society organisations whose purpose is to generate awareness and action on emissions reduction across Edinburgh.  The event is co-hosted by civil society and The City of Edinburgh Council.

We will be joined by Dr Sam Gardner, Chair of Edinburgh Climate Commission and Councillor Adam McVey, Leader of the Council and Vice Chair of the Commission.

This interactive session will:

  1. Generate a shared picture of the action taking place in the city
  2. Explore actions open to civil society, the City of Edinburgh Council and the Edinburgh Climate Commission
  3. Contribute to our collective ambition for the city and identify ways of working together to accelerate progress.

Colleagues can share

Background Documents to read BEFORE participating:

This event will contribute to work under the Place-based Climate Action Network (P-CAN) collaboration with Leeds and Belfast - led by Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation and the EIT Climate-KIC Healthy, Clean Cities Deep Demonstration in Edinburgh.


Response to City Mobility Plan Consultation April 2020


  • Revise the plan to take account of changes following the COVID-19 pandemic. Implementation will need to be reassessed, and there are likely to be opportunities to make faster progress towards some of the long-term objectives
  • Ensure a safe infrastructure for cycling, but prioritise pedestrians and public transport at all stages
  • Revise transport and economic priorities so the health benefits of lower emissions in the lockdown are retained in the long-term; introduce restrictive measures to maintain lower volumes of traffic in city streets
  • Any increase in private car use, because of lower risk of infection, should be carefully managed: ensure the focus remains on delivering the CMP’s long-term environmental and health benefits
  • Accelerate the switch to EVs, especially buses, taxis and delivery vehicles
  • Revise the parking proposals: reverse planned increases, and cut spaces in the centre and surrounding areas to encourage a lower level of private car use and take account of more people working from home
  • The ‘mass rapid transport system’, as conceived, is not comprehensive – or rapid – enough to deliver a “car-free” future: it should be more ambitious
  • In particular, options for light rail should be urgently explored with potential partners
  • The LEZ proposal should be expanded to extend the greatest protection from harmful emissions to residents beyond the central business and tourism district, and should include Queen Street and York Place
  • A robust and radical approach is needed to enforce the 20mph speed limits
  • We support pedestrianisation of streets – but only if an effective framework is put in place to protect them from over-use by events or activities of a commercial or tourist nature
  • There should be no return to the unsustainable levels of tourism and commercial exploitation of public space of recent years: diversify the economy away from over-dependence on these, and limit use of public space to the existing small number of established large-scale events.
  • Focus instead on local businesses and economic sectors which bring sustainable, long-term added value to the city economy
  • We ask all parties on the Council to work together to deliver consistent planning decisions which ensure that private sector activity aligns fully with the city’s long-term environmental and economic aims.

The full submission can be viewed here 

Garden Waste (Brown bin) collections resume on 12 May

Adapted from an email from Cllr Max Mitchell on 28th April

Please see below an update regarding garden waste (brown bin) collections from the Waste & Cleansing Manager, which I hope you will find useful.

“We will be reintroducing garden waste (brown bin) collections in the week starting 11th May - the first scheduled collection will be on Tuesday 12th May.

The service was suspended earlier this month as part of our response to the Coronavirus crisis, allowing us to divert resources to other, essential waste collections and to allow crews to observe physical distancing measures. We’re now confident that we have enough crew members and physical distancing measures in place to allow us to safely restart garden waste collections.

Anyone with a garden waste permit will be compensated for the break in service with an extension to their permit to cover this time.

The impact of Coronavirus means we’ve had to delay the summer registration window for garden waste. We’ll contact customers in due course with further information.

Customers should:

  • check their bin calendar for their next scheduled collection date
  • place their brown bin out for collection by 6am and make sure it’s not overflowing and that the lid is closed. Bins may be collected up until 10pm.

We’re encouraging people to store any extra garden waste that won’t fit in the bin until their next collection dates. Overflowing bins, heavy bins or waste placed at the side of bins won’t be collected.

We’re writing to and emailing all those who have signed up for the garden waste service with details of its reintroduction, as well as plans for compensation for the collections that have been missed.

Blue box (glass) collections restarted this week, but our Household Waste Recycling Centres remain closed and special uplifts are suspended until further notice.

Further information (link) on changes to bin collections and other services can be found on the Council website.“

Please do let your friends, family, neighbours etc know.