NTBCC minutes Monday 8 November 2021

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SGN Update 6 January 2020: Forth Street and Hart Street Edinburgh

(adapted from an email from SGN)

Here is SGN’s breakdown on what to expect when it returns to site on the 6 January 2020. This breakdown also contained two letters to residents and businesses:

Traffic Management

The works will mean that the remainder of the project will require 2 sections of road to be closed, one after the other

  • 1st section will be from Broughton Street to Hart Street
  • 2nd section will be from Hart Street to Union Street

Service Work

Each property which uses gas will be supplied by a service pipe. The age and condition of the pipe will determine the amount of work each property will have to have done. An example of this would be if the property has a meter box in the cellar or basement area, then this would be called a service transfer and this would be a case of turning the supply off for a matter of hours and transferring this pipework onto the new main pipe. No work would be anticipated in the customer’s property other than relighting their appliances.

If the service pipe is in poorer condition or contains underground metallic sections, then the service pipe will have to be replaced. This is known as a service renewal and will very probably involve works outside and inside the customer’s property.

Both of these scenarios will be discussed with each customer by the project manager or his authorised deputy, and will involve agreeing timescales and dates for the works to be carried out.

All surfaces disturbed by our works will be reinstated to customers’ satisfaction.

Mains Work

Excavations will be taken out on the existing iron main, with the plan being to insert the new PE (plastic) main inside the old main to avoid excavating a trench the entire length of the street. Further excavations will then be taken out on each of the services which supply the customers properties. After this is complete the area will be permanently reinstated.

For all enquiries, please call SGN on 0131 469 1728 during office hours (8am to 4pm) or 0800 912 1700 at other times.

Kind regards

Caroline Lawrie, Stakeholder and Community Manager
T: +44 (0)131 469 1701 (: 31701)
M: +44 (0)7747 7577 99
E: caroline.lawrie@sgn.co.uk
SGN, Axis House, 5 Lonehead Drive, Newbridge, Edinburgh, EH28 8TG