Licensing Board Policy Consultation, Phase 2 – NTBCC response November 2023

NTBCC submitted the following in response to the consultation at Licensing Board Policy Consultation – Phase 2 – City of Edinburgh Council – Citizen Space on 12 November.


1 Your details

First name: New Town & Broughton
Surname: Community Council
Email address: licensing (at)
Yes, I consent to being contacted about this consultation: Yes

2 Are you responding as an individual or as an organisation?

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NTBCC meeting minutes 11 September 2023

Minutes of New Town & Broughton Community Council’s ordinary meeting, on Zoom, on Monday 11 September 2023 at 7pm

Actions and decisions are red italic. ND (‘no dissent’) means that no-one spoke or voted against a decision.

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Licensing Board Policy Consultation – Phase 2, closes 12 November 2023

Adapted from the post on the Council’s Consultation Hub, the Edinburgh Licensing Board is interested in the public’s views on its new draft Statement of Licensing Policy.

Closing date for online submissions:  12 November 2023.

Should you have any queries or concerns, or wish to share your views with NTBCC – please contact us by email to

Having taken account of the responses received to its first phase of consultation, the Edinburgh Licensing Board has agreed a series of amendments and proposals to its new draft policy statement and is inviting comment on those and the terms of the policy in general.

View the amended draft policy statement.

Responses to this second consultation will be reported to the Board for consideration in November, and the Board will then agree and publish the final version of the policy.

Full details can be found here: Licensing Board Policy Consultation – Phase 2 – City of Edinburgh Council – Citizen Space

Note that the Board has agreed to carry out a separate consultation on its assessment of overprovision, to form the subject of a Supplementary Statement of Licensing Policy. The Board is working towards a six month timeline, with the Supplementary Statement to be included in the new policy by Spring 2024.

The current Assessment of Overprovision as set out in Chapter 8 will continue to form part of the Board’s Statement of Licensing Policy meanwhile.

Licensing Board Policy Consultation – NTBCC response December 2022

NTBCC submitted the following in response to the consultation at on 14 December at 18:12:34. (The PDF of the submission is here. In this post, some repetitions of questions have been deleted for clarity.) Continue reading

NTBCC meeting agenda Monday 12 December 2022

Meeting starts 7pm, and is via Zoom: ID: 277 648 3882; Passcode: Calton)

  1. Admin / Welcome
  2. Minutes of 14th November 2022 meeting, and matters arising
    (To approve)
  3. Police report
    (5 minutes)
  4. Presentation on revised planning application for BUPA/Centrum House (108-114 & 116 Dundas Street)
    (Morgan Architects/Scott Hobbs)
    followed by Q & A
    (25 minutes)
  5. ‘Use of Public Spaces for Events & Filming’ (formerly PSMP)
    Report at 13th December Culture & Communities Committee – proposed NTBCC deputation
    (15 minutes)
  6. Planning
    (10 minutes)

    1. Consultation: Short-term Let Planning Guidance for Edinburgh– closes 22nd December
    2. Consultation: ‘World Heritage Site Management Plan – closes 12th December
    3. Summary/status of Short Term Let applications
  7. Transport
    15 minutes)

    1. ‘Trams to Newhaven’ – update to actions agreed from recent NTBCC/CEC walk-through
    2. City Circulation Plan – Delivering the City Mobility Plan– T&E Committee 8th December
    3. Other transport issues
  8. Licensing
    (15 minutes)

    1. Consultation ‘Statement of Licensing Policy‘ (including over-provision) – closes 20th December
    2. Consultation ‘House in Multiple Occupation conditions‘ – closes 30th December
    3. Update to recent Licensing Board decisions/news from the Licensing Forum
  9. Environment
    (10 minutes)

    1. Communal Bin Project: Gull Proof Bag (GPB) World Heritage Site streets – recycling trial – any issues?
    2. Communal Bin Project: Outwith EWHS/Gull Proof Bag area – news/follow-up?
  10. Any other business/2023 NTBCC meeting dates/news from local Residents’ Associations etc.

NTBCC meeting agenda Monday 8 August 2022

As usual, we’re asking that everyone who wants to receive the Zoom link to register via Eventbrite:

Anyone who wants to raise an issue for discussion can do so either by submitting a Contact Us form (links to or send a message via Twitter @NTBCC

  1. Admin/welcome
  2. Minutes of 11th July 2022 ordinary meeting and matters arising
    (To approve)
  3. Police report
    To note only, key messages from Police report if received
    (5 minutes)
  4. Environment (1)
    1. Picardy Place – current proposal (PW paper), attendees for 16 August in-person event
      (25 minutes)
    2. George Street & First New Town Project (GNFT) – update / submission response (12 August)
    3. Q&A with Daisy Narayanan / Chris Mcgarvey (CEC) on the above
  5. Transport
    1. East London Street – update following July NTBCC discussion
      (5 minutes)
    2. EV charging – status update on recently installed chargers
      (5 minutes)
  6. Licensing
    (15 minutes)

    1. STL Licensing consultation #2 on Draft Policy  Conditions – closes 5 Sept – for info
    2. CEC Licensing Board – ‘direction of travel’ regarding  ‘Over-provision’ policy  – to discuss
    3. Outdoor Area permits vs Planning consent for static outdoor seating area – to discuss
  7. Planning
    1. NTQ – communication received on proposal to site Contractor blocks on Dundas Street
      (10 minutes)
    2. 72 – 74 Eyre Place – Latest proposal for residential / student housing
  8. Environment (2)
    (5 minutes)

    1. Waste Management – Communal Bin Hub proposed trial  for World Heritage site – latest news
  9. Edinburgh World Heritage (ONTE) Management Plan – to confirm presentation at September NTBCC meeting
  10. Any other business & news from local Residents’ Associations etc.