NTBCC meeting agendas Monday 13 June 2022

This is our first in-person meeting for over 2 years. Members of the public are very welcome to attend this meeting either in-person or via Zoom – there are two Eventbrite links:

In order to know numbers, we’re asking everyone including community councillors to register. Registration via either link covers both the AGM and the ordinary meeting that will immediately follow it.

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PLACE Edinburgh: investigating short-term lets in Edinburgh

(adapted from an email from PLACE Edinburgh)

Do short term lets (more commonly referred to as AirBnBs) cause issues in your neighbourhood? If so, can you help us?

We are a group of Edinburgh residents who have lived experience of neighbouring full-time short-term let businesses in residential properties, where no owner lives on site. Through this we wanted to use our experiences to co-produce policies and procedures with Edinburgh Council around short term letting, using a Participation Request process, and to get a public debate going to hear more voices on the subject. However, as we are not a constituted group (which is not legally required for a Participation Request) Edinburgh Council has asked us to demonstrate that there is an issue with short term letting in Edinburgh and that we have public support for our recommendations on how we can balance the needs of residents and tourists.

Therefore, we have set up ‘PLACE Edinburgh’ and we are sharing our recommendations online, and sending it to elected representatives and relevant stakeholders, like yourselves, for feedback and to gauge support so we can move forward with the Participation Request.

Here is an electronic version of the Recommendations document – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1P4GN1wHYgcElqxWZjyfMq02haxM4aWJhKUG3sZ5jMKE/edit

Here is an electronic version of a supporting caselaw document that shows how the law has ruled on cases involving short term lets: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wbqsOe8MiRzkqCHX2fZvF26ZRhJTaX6b/view?usp=sharing

We are asking you to:

  1. Look at the recommendations and let us know what your feedback is. Is it an issue in your community and in what way? Do you support the recommendations?
  2. Share the recommendations with your followers on social media and through your networks.

We are happy to try and get along to one of your meetings to talk through the recommendations, or encourage people who live in your community to go to share their experiences. We are just ordinary residents who want Edinburgh to be a safe, affordable and peaceful place to live and visit. We are not funded by anyone.

I hope that you can help us.

Best wishes

Deirdre Henderson