NTBCC ordinary meeting minutes 11 March 2024

Minutes of New Town & Broughton Community Council’s meeting, via Zoom, on Monday 11 March 2024 at 7pm

Actions and decisions are red italic. ND (‘no dissent’) means that no-one spoke or voted against a decision.

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1 Administration and welcome

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NTBCC full agenda Monday 11 March 2024 and conveners’ reports received so far

This will be an online meeting on Monday 11 March at 7pm, via Zoom (https://us02web.zoom.us/j/2776483882?pwd=WkdwZWxuWWhDV2Y3eVhXZTQyS2ZwUT09)

  1. Admin/welcome
  2. Minutes of 12th February 2024 meeting and matters arising
  3. Chair’s update
  4. Planning (convener’s report)
  5. Licensing (convener’s report)
    • Planning Section 50 Certificates – Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005
    • Outdoor area for serving alcohol – licensed footprint vs tables & chairs permit
  6. Transport (convener’s report)
    • Feedback from Transport & Environment Committee on 7 March 2024
      • Cllr Mowat’s motion: CCWEL (City Centre West to East Link) project
      • Change in proposal for determining Traffic Orders
  7. Environment (convener’s report)
  8. Culture and Communities (convener’s report)
    • Reopening of the Nelson Monument (to note)
    • Signage for buskers (to note)
    • Fireworks control zones (FCZ) (to note)
    • Events budgeting (to note)
    • Parks and openspace investment (to note)
    • Million tree city/allergens (to note)
  9. AOCB, including news from residents’ associations, and points raised by members of the public.

Please note: before or during the meeting, names and email addresses may be recorded. Email addresses are held and used for circulating information about NTBCC but may also be used to seek residents’ views on local issues.
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