Update on the World Heritage Site Consultation by Edinburgh Council

As communicated earlier, a consultation has been conducted, which invited the public and other bodies to have their say on how the Old and New Towns of Edinburgh World Heritage Site is being managed.

This was a joint initiative between the City of Edinburgh Council, Edinburgh World Heritage and Historic Environment Scotland and ran throughout July. NTBCC submitted a response to the survey, which required the rating of 14 key attributes (e.g. Facilities & Amenities, Contribution of New Developments, Housing, etc.) on a low to high scale together with any relevant comments. NTBCC’s submission can be seen here.

It is a requirement of all World Heritage Sites that robust management plans are in place to ensure its key values are conserved. The current plan expires at the end of 2016. The new plan will be formalised later in the year based on feedback and suggestions from the public. The results from this will be discussed with Edinburgh Council representatives either at the September or October community council meeting.

A summary of the overall submissions can be seen here.

NTBCC’s submission was overall slightly more optimistic than those from the general public.

Factors that were indicated as possible areas for improvement were :

  • Care & Maintenance of Buildings and Streets (“Are buildings and streets well cared for?”)
  • Control and Guidance (“Are the laws and guidance in place sufficient to protect the WHS?”)
  • Contribution of new developments to the City Centre (Is new development in the city centre making a positive contribution?”)
  • Visitor Management (“Is there a healthy balance between visitor and local needs?”)

Key strengths highlighted included :

  • Natural space (“Can I regularly experience good quality natural space?”)
  • Identity and Belonging (“Does this place have a positive identity and do I feel I belong?”)
  • Facilities and Amenities (“Do facilities and amenities meet my needs?”)
  • Feeling Safe
  • Livability (“Is it enjoyable to live in, work in and visit the World Heritage Site?”)