Update to Redevelopment Proposal at 108 – 116 Dundas Street

We were happy to host a presentation by Morgan McDonnell Architecture & Scott Hobbs Planning on the Pre-Application consultation covering proposed demolition and redevelopment at 108 – 114 & 116 Dundas Street (on the north-west corner of Fettes Row and Dundas Street, including Centrum House etc.).

Currently, the consultation (as covered by 20/03923/PAN) is open for comments which will be considered by the development team prior to submission of a full planning application later in 2020.

Scott Hobbs Planning have informed NTBCC that following several requests  to extend the time available for the submission of feedback, the consultation period has been extended until Friday 20 November.

Their website has been updated accordingly and comments can be submitted via the Feedback page on their website here or by email to consultation@scotthobbsplanning.com

Further details on the proposal can be seen here covering topics such as ‘Site Analysis’ & ‘Design Proposals’ under the Proposal tab.

The presentation and Q&A session with NTBCC members and local residents resulted in very useful but slightly heated discussion, with several raising concerns regarding the proposed building line being brought forward to align with existing buildings to the north – resulting in the removal of the existing railings and trees and perhaps most importantly, impacting the views, daylighting and amenity of residents in the adjacent apartment block at 120 Dundas Street.

We understand that there had been a good response to the consultation but we welcome the opportunity for further comments to be submitted.

All of the feedback and comments received from this  consultation (and possible amendments to the initial proposal) will be included in the Pre-Application Consultation (PAC) Report which will be submitted as part of the full planning application. Consistent with the recently-revised Edinburgh Concordat, a draft version of the PAC Report will be shared with the community council.

NTBCC will also be submitting a formal response to the consultation and we would welcome any comments and/or concerns that local residents may have with the current proposal – either by the  ‘Contact Us’ form at www.ntbcc.org.uk/contact or by email to vicechair@ntbcc.org.uk