Warriston Road : Bridge Works – Road Closure & 2-way Traffic from 6th July

Local residents  have received communication from Edinburgh Council that essential  refurbishment works are necessary on the two masonry arch bridges along Warriston Road –   the bridge over Warriston Road & the Water of Leith  (the ‘Warriston Road Railway Bridge’) as well as the narrow bridge over the Warriston Path (the ‘Warriston Road Bridge’).

Both structures  suffer from masonry and mortar defects – some of the masonry has spalled and can detach & fall –  creating a hazard to traffic and members of the public using the road / pavement  below. The planned refurbishment works will include clearing vegetation, repairing and repointing masonry and removal of graffiti.

The affected bridges are shown in the attached communication here from Edinburgh Council.

The road under the Warriston Road Railway Bridge will be closed as access is required to enable repairs to the underside of the arch over the road.

This closure will take place from Monday 6th July for two weeks (i.e. until Friday 17th July) and will only affect vehicles; the footpath remains open for pedestrians.

This closure will prevent vehicles that exit from Boat Green travelling towards Logie Green Road so the section of Warriston Road between the Canonmills junction and Boat Green will be converted to 2-way traffic.

Although the road is very narrow for this purpose, given the needs of access for local residents, waste collections and nearby construction sites, the following mitigating steps will be put in place:

  • The parking bays along Warriston Road (from the Canonmills junction to Boat Green) will be suspended for the duration of the closure.
  • The Spaces for People (SfP) road closure at the Warriston Road Bridge will remain in place, but this arrangement will be constantly reviewed throughout the works.
  • Special access for refuse / bin lorries (in particular the landfill waste collections which requires larger vehicles) has been arranged through the road closure and it’s anticipated that bins will be collected as normal.
  • The Contractor for the construction sites will limit and restrict deliveries to off-peak time & in addition, the Contractor will ensure the site compounds are as compact as possible.

The use of the Warriston Path for pedestrians & cyclists is not significantly affected by the works.

NTBCC are somewhat disappointed with the short notice provided to residents and although the measures being put in place will help to mitigate some of the risk, the proposal to make the ‘blind’ junction into Warriston Road at Canonmills remains a concern. The overspill / encroachment of the construction works at 1 – 6 Canonmills Bridge together with the guard railings there already render this a dangerous junction for pedestrians that will be made worse by the proposal to allow vehicles to enter & exit at this point.  It would therefore seem sensible that pedestrians and cyclists should try to take an alternative route – either via Broughton Road and access the North Edinburgh Path Network at Tesco’s or perhaps via Warriston Crescent as another alternative.