Young Persons Free Bus Travel scheme – communication from the Edinburgh Bus Users Group

Adapted from an email sent to several community councils by the Edinburgh Bus Users Group (EBUG) highlighting the recently-introduced Young Persons’ (under 22’s) Free Bus Travel  passes. Although the scheme experienced some initial problems, steps have now been taken to make the application process easier and more widely available.   

Dear Community Council members

Scottish Bus Week is 23 May-29 May.
One of EBUG’s contributions highlights the low take-up of the Young Person’s Free Bus Travel scheme (‘under-22’s Bus Pass’). The scheme started in January 2022, but in Edinburgh, the latest information suggests only about 50% of 5 to 15 year olds have the Pass. Although this is higher than in many Council areas and the data changes weekly; but when the cost of living is a serious issue for many families and young people, free bus travel is a big help.
Two factors seem to be at work:
  • Many eligible people haven’t heard of the scheme
  • A demanding and complicated application process

Hopefully applications are now easier with the launch of this website:

AND libraries can now deal with paper applications

So, for Scottish Bus Week, EBUG is asking you just to use your normal communications in your area to publicise AND off-line applications at Council libraries.

Let’s get take-up close to 100%.

Yours sincerely,

Secretary, Edinburgh Bus Users Group