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Next NTBCC meeting

The next community council meeting will be on Monday 13 December 2021 at 7:00pm; the meeting will again be a ‘virtual’ meeting using the Zoom platform. We have been exploring options for returning to either ‘in person’ or perhaps hybrid meetings but currently we believe that the meeting should remain as a virtual one as this seems both appropriate & sensible given the current circumstances.

Registration (to receive the Zoom link) will be via Eventbrite:

However, any member of the public who would like to raise an issue in the interim or at the meeting can use the contact form on this website or send us a message via @NTBCC on Twitter and we will respond as soon as we can.

General coronavirus information


NTBCC’s submission to ‘Temporary Erection of External Ski Grotto for Festive Period’, 34A North Castle Street (21/05837/LBC)

The New Town & Broughton Community Council (NTBCC) note the recent application for again installing a temporary ‘ski grotto’ at 34A North Castle Street.  The applicant seeks planning consent for a period of approximately 9 weeks (from 10th November 2021 to 15th January 2022).

We also note that there is an accompanying application (21/05995/FUL) which was received and validated on 11th November for which the period for comments appears to be open until 24th December, a period of 43 days, for reasons that are not immediately clear to us, followed by a target date for determining the application of 10th January 2022. .

With respect to 21/05837/LBC, although the period for comments on the Council’s Planning portal was open until 3rd December, the construction of the facilities appears to have been well underway prior to this date; in fact, it appears that the wooden building directly in front of 34A North Castle Street has already been erected prior to the 3rd December and certainly well before it could be reasonably assumed that planning permission would be considered let alone granted.

We also note that there is a history of planning enforcement notices for these premises, including a seemingly identical installation in 2019. The Enforcement Action Report (19/00870/ELBB) dated 9th December 2019 was clear that the installed building was contrary to several policies within the adopted 2016 Local Development Plan (LDP) and given that the 2016 LDP is still current and the proposed structure being considered under this application for Listed Building Consent is essentially identical to that constructed in 2019, the policy contraventions as outlined in the 19/00870/ELBB report would appear still to be both relevant and valid.  The policy contraventions that were cited in 2019 included Env 4, (Listed Buildings – Alterations and Extensions), Env 6 (Conservation Areas – Development) and Des 12 (being detrimental to residential amenity). From the information provided on the 2021 application, we cannot see any mitigating circumstances to justify the approval of the current applications.

Given that this proposal can in no sense be deemed sympathetic to its listed building setting or to the wider context of the New Town Conservation Area and World Heritage Site, this application should not be approved. The New Town & Broughton Community Council would therefore wish to register its formal objection to this proposal.

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NTBCC meeting agenda Monday 13 December

We very much welcome members of the public joining the meeting (by Zoom)

To receive the Zoom link details, please register via Eventbrite

Anyone who wants to raise an issue for discussion can do so either by submitting a Contact Us form or send a message via Twitter @NTBCC

  1. 6:45 – 7:00pm: Technology check
  2. Welcome / Admin / Apologies / Well-being
  3. Minutes of monthly meeting held on 8th November 2021
    (To approve)
  4. Police Report
    as / if received & change in reporting style / content
    (To note)
  5. Presentation : Proposals : Beaverhall House & 16, 23-27 Dunedin St (HUB / Turley)
    (To note)
  6. Environment
    • Update from the Council’s ‘Engagement Sessions’ & community response
      (To discuss)
    • GPB campaign update / next steps
      (To note)
  7. Transport
    • EV Charging Points (TRO/21/24) response & next steps
      (To note / discuss)
    • ‘Travelling Safely’ (formerly ‘Spaces for People’)
      (To discuss)
    • Trams to Newhaven – key issues / update
      (To note)
  8. Engagement and Communications
    • PSMP (‘Use of Public Spaces for Events’) – NTBCC response (15 December)
      (To agree / endorse)
    • NTBCC members / local residents ‘Walkabout’ (New Town area) on December 15
    • Update from Engagement & Communications Committee meeting
      (To note)
  9. Planning
    • NTBCC co-ordinated response to ‘City Plan 2030’ consultation (20 December)
      (To agree)
    • ‘Christmas Markets’ / Temporary installations planning process
      (To discuss)
  10. Licensing
    • Interaction between Licensing applications  & planning submissions
      (To discuss)
  11. How / Where / When
    Planning for NTBCC meetings in 2022
  12. Any Other Business

Consultation : “Communal Bin Review” Phase 3 – covering Extended Parking Zone N1

Many of you will have seen notices posted on lampposts announcing the Council’s proposals for improving the waste / recycling service in the N1 Extended Parking Zone area (which essentially covers parts of Broughton, Bellevue (as far as McDonald Road) & Hillside etc.).

The Council’s Waste Department has held a number of ‘information’ events on their proposal ; for residents within NTBCC’s area, there were ‘information’ events at Broughton St Mary’s  on  17 November and the Rose Street Café on the 26 November which many residents may have attended to either get more information (and ask questions) or at least tried to ask their questions and get answers.

The Council’s “Communal Bin Hub” team have given some more background to this change on a slightly difficult to find website which does contain some more information as to why this change is deemed necessary as well as some rationale for the proposed location of these bin hubs – this can be accessed here.

Although this website does enable residents to view the proposed  bin hub locations in their immediate area – the thumbnails below allow easier and direct access to the street-by-street proposals within the N1 Extended Parking Zone  (click any thumbnail to see the full-size PDF). Each of the proposed Bin Hubs are proposed to have 6 bins (2x General (Non-Recyclable) bins, 2x Recyclable bins (DMR), 1x Glass bin & 1x Food Waste bin).


P1 Beaverbank : Logie Green Road

P2 Broughton Road : Heriot Hill Terrace

P3 Bellevue Terrace

P4 Beaverbank : Broughton Road : Dunedin St

P5 Claremont Crescent

P6 East Claremont St : Melgund Terrace

P7 Bellevue Road

P8 Bellevue St

P9 McDonald Road

P10 Hopetoun Crescent : McDonald Road

P11 Annandale St

P12 WIndsor St / Montgomery St

P13 Brunswick Rd

P14 Hillside St / Brunswick St

P15 Brunswick Rd / Brunswick St

P16 Wellington St

P17 Easter Rd

P18 south Easter Rd

The complete set of PDF’s can be viewed here : N1-1 download 16Nov21

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‘City Plan 2030’ – Forthcoming Information Sessions & How to Respond / Comment

Adapted from an email sent to the New Town & Broughton Community Council from the ‘City Plan 2030’ team within the Council’s Planning Department as received on Tuesday 23rd November.

This is an important document as it sets the basis for future developments across Edinburgh as well as defining the specific planning policies by which future planning applications are determined. However, it is complex, lengthy and detailed.  

There are a number of  ‘drop-in’ sessions available (but only virtual as far as we understand) to both get a better understanding of the proposals as well as to provide comments on the proposed plan. We also intend to discuss this further at our meeting on 13th December. 

(Apologies for the short notice for some of these sessions).    

The City Plan 2030 period for representations has been open for 2 weeks and there is still time to make your representations on the consultation hub before it ends on the 20th December.

The consultation hub contains the plan in full and you can comment on each section in turn or simply navigate to the part you wish to comment on. Our guide will help you navigate.

Our Quick Guide to City Plan 2030 gives an overview of each section of the plan and what it contains plus more information on the plan and the process.

You can also check out the interactive proposals map along with the accompanying Environmental Report and a range of background documents used to inform the plan.

Representations can be in support of, or object to any aspect of the proposed plan and should set out any changes you wish to see. Comments can also be made on the Environmental Report and background documents.

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NTBCC minutes Monday 12 October 2021

Minutes of New Town & Broughton Community Council’s ordinary meeting, held via Zoom, on Monday 12 October 2020 at 7pm

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Edinburgh Council Communal Bin Review & Bin Hubs – Information Sessions – Make Your Views Known!

Edinburgh Council’s Waste & Cleansing Service has undertaken a review of communal bin services across the city, including the New Town. This includes a wider review of waste management services currently offered to residents.  The broad intent is to bring about improvements to a service that is widely seen by residents to be inadequate.

To date, there has been little or no consultation with residents in the New Town and less than adequate consultation elsewhere in the City about these proposals, in contrast to what has been done in the past.

While the Council’s proposals are aimed at promoting a much welcomed increase in recycling capacity, this is intended to be achieved through siting groups of communal bins in fixed “bin hubs” across the New Town. Each ‘bin hub’ will consist of up to six bins for Food, Glass & Recycling along with General (non-recyclable) Waste. The initial proposals state that these will be set out either in lines along the kerb (up to 8 metres in length) or in a square configuration  (approx 4 metres by 4 metres). These ‘hubs’ will serve about 50 properties and be located so that each one is no more than 50 metres walking distance from any property. The Council also intends to cease doorstep collections on certain streets for  Food, Glass and Recyclables – as well as end the use of the Gull Proof Sack service for approximately 2,500 homes in the New Town.

There is a “drop-in” session for the Broughton area covering these proposals at Broughton St Mary Church on Bellevue Crescent on Wednesday 17 November between 9:45 am -1:45 pm. Although we are aware that some residents have now received notification of this very recently, many others may not be aware of either the current proposal or the opportunity being available to discuss with Council officers the details of what’s proposed.

Whilst this may not be a convenient time for some, we would encourage everyone who can to go along to get a better understanding of what is being proposed and make their views known.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Points : More Details on Proposed TROs

Further details following the initial post on our website on this subject and reflecting subsequent discussions at the 8 November NTBCC meeting on the Council’s proposal for installing Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points across Edinburgh – which NTBCC and most residents welcome in principle but have some concerns about the precise locations being proposed.

The Council has recently issued a draft Traffic Regulation Order, TRO/21/24 , for the the initial stage of consultation on the installation of on-street electric vehicle (EV) charging places on 11 streets across the City. These include placing EV charging points in Montgomery Street, Kings Road, Sheriff Brae, Fettes Avenue, Comely Bank Terrace, India Street, Heriot Row, Stewart Terrace, Thirlestane Road, Maxwell Street and East London Street.

Three of these streets fall within our area – being East London Street, India Street and Heriot Row. A further installation is planned for Montgomery Street (4 chargers with 8 bays), just outside NTBCC’s area.

The proposed locations for these charging points  within NTBCC”s area can be seen from the reproduced PDFs below . (Click the thumbnails to see the full-size PDFs.)

East London Street

Heriot Row

India Street

The proposed locations for the remainder of the EV charging points in this initial phase across Edinburgh can be accessed here

NTBCC intend to submit comments on this TRO (covering the 3 installations within NTBCC’s area) following several concerns being raised by residents and residents’ associations – the deadline for submitting comments as part of the initial consultation being 15 November.

If you have comments on this proposal that you would want the community council to take into account, please contact us via this link.

There will be a further opportunity to register your comments before the final details are agreed.