Response to the Council’s Waste Management Strategy : Proposed ‘5 Year Collaborative Plan’ for the New Town

Adapted from an email sent  by NTBCC (acting both on behalf of and with many local residents’ associations) to all Edinburgh councillors prior to a possible further discussion on this matter at the next Transport & Environment Committee meeting on 27th January.

Thank you to the councillors who have taken the time to respond – although it’s apparent from some of the responses that further discussion may be required to ensure that the concerns being voiced are fully understood.  

We would urge all residents who would be impacted by this to read the attachments accessible in the highlighted links at the foot of this letter. 


Dear Councillor
The Council’s “Information Events” have shown that residents of the New Town are very unhappy with the City of Edinburgh Council’s plans to start storing rubbish on Edinburgh’s beautiful Georgian streets in Communal Bin Hubs.

Surprisingly the Communal Bin Hub Review did not look at how other historic cities manage recycling, so we have carried out our own research.

It is clear there are better ways forward – and the attached report sets out the details. It is possible to manage recycling well in a World Heritage City without damaging the streetscape.

The strength of residents’ opposition to the Councils plans is also clear, not least from the recent “Information Events”. The minor adjustments, which we understand are currently being considered by council officials in response to this opposition, are totally inadequate.

Imposing large numbers of bins, in beautiful, ordered Georgian streets, will be hugely damaging to these streetscapes, to the amenity of residents and to Edinburgh’s reputation. The evidence for any benefit is weak.

We are asking City of Edinburgh Council to fulfil its duty to manage the World Heritage Site – by pausing the rollout of Communal Bin Hubs to allow a new plan to be developed. This should draw on best practice both in the United Kingdom and abroad, with input from heritage specialists and residents.

To ensure increased recycling and to protect the New Town, we have prepared ‘Waste Management in Edinburgh’s New Town; a Five Year Collaborative Plan,’ a catalyst for a better approach. With a broader analysis and the opportunity to work with residents and heritage specialists constructively, we are certain Edinburgh could produce imaginative solutions in which the City could take pride.

We urge you as a Councillor to think of the example you are setting in the stewardship of the World Heritage Site and pause the rollout of Communal Bin Hubs in the New Town, and in particular, those streets currently using gull-proof bags.

We would be happy to meet with Councillors to discuss these issues in more detail.

Carol Nimmo

Chair – New Town & Broughton Community Council, working with New Town Residents’ Associations

Please see attached:

  1. Summary Report to Councillors
  2. Waste Management in Edinburgh’s New Town : 5 Year Collaborative Plan (N.B. a long read)


NTBCC **DRAFT** minutes Monday 13 December 2021

Click on the following link to download the PDF of the Draft December NTBCC meeting minutes :

Draft NTBCC Meeting Minutes for 13th December (V3)

An HTML version will be published when these minutes have been approved. The approval process may require some changes, so the attachment is for information, rather than being the settled position of NTBCC on anything.

NTBCC minutes Monday 8 November 2021

Actions and decisions are red italic. ND (‘no dissent’) means that no-one spoke or voted against a decision.

Edinburgh Council has stated that ‘CCs can approve minutes, and take other decisions, remotely’, as so long as they ensure that ‘remote meetings are as accessible to members of the public and (as) well-advertised as possible’. Continue reading

Community Councils Together on Trams/Trams Team meeting, 28 October 2021

Minutes of the Community Councils Together on Trams/Trams Team meeting
(Construction Phase) via Google Meet on Thursday 28 October 2021 at 5:30pm Continue reading

Final Draft submission to the ‘Use of Public Spaces in Edinburgh for Events and Filming’ Consultation

The Council’s ‘Use of Public Spaces in Edinburgh for Events and Filming’  Public Consultation ends 15 December – final draft for discussion (by exception) at 13 December NTBCC meeting 

Many public events happen within, and around, the area of the New Town and Broughton Community Council (NTBCC).

Members of the community council contributed many texts and comments, written during the ‘collaborative engagement’ stage of what was then the ‘Public Spaces Management Plan’ (October 2020 to January 2021).

These included NTBCC’s contributions to the key principles: area conditions, carbon neutrality 2030, heritage, noise, and residential-area public spaces.

Moreover NTBCC contributed the following guidelines: access to parks and greenspaces, carbon footprint, certification, complaints hotline service, fireworks, greenspaces environmental impact assessment, heavy equipment and temporary buildings, impact on the surroundings, onsite generators, overcapacity events, pesticides in public spaces, public art installations, reflecting Edinburgh, rest periods from events and activities, sound levels at music events, statistics, and use of space for different users.

We published an NTBCC Statement for the City of Edinburgh Council Public Spaces Management Plan ‘Collaborative Engagement’ January 2021 (Stephen Hajducki for NTBCC) as a summary of our position at that time (Appendix 1).

Members representing NTBCC attended each workshop stage workgroup (April 2021 to July 2021). At the end of that process we wrote a New Town and Broughton Community Council (NTBCC) PSMP Group submission of 21 July 2021 (Appendix 2).

The NTBCC ‘team’ have held frequent meetings to exchange opinions. NTBCC have been more involved, and arguably have more experience of, and expertise in, public events than any other citizen or community group in Edinburgh. Accordingly we hope our conclusions in this submission will be read and considered.

Continue reading

NTBCC meeting agenda Monday 13 December

We very much welcome members of the public joining the meeting (by Zoom)

To receive the Zoom link details, please register via Eventbrite

Anyone who wants to raise an issue for discussion can do so either by submitting a Contact Us form or send a message via Twitter @NTBCC

  1. 6:45 – 7:00pm: Technology check
  2. Welcome / Admin / Apologies / Well-being
  3. Minutes of monthly meeting held on 8th November 2021
    (To approve)
  4. Police Report
    as / if received & change in reporting style / content
    (To note)
  5. Presentation : Proposals : Beaverhall House & 16, 23-27 Dunedin St (HUB / Turley)
    (To note)
  6. Environment
    • Update from the Council’s ‘Engagement Sessions’ & community response
      (To discuss)
    • GPB campaign update / next steps
      (To note)
  7. Transport
    • EV Charging Points (TRO/21/24) response & next steps
      (To note / discuss)
    • ‘Travelling Safely’ (formerly ‘Spaces for People’)
      (To discuss)
    • Trams to Newhaven – key issues / update
      (To note)
  8. Engagement and Communications
    • PSMP (‘Use of Public Spaces for Events’) – NTBCC response (15 December)
      (To agree / endorse)
    • NTBCC members / local residents ‘Walkabout’ (New Town area) on December 15
    • Update from Engagement & Communications Committee meeting
      (To note)
  9. Planning
    • NTBCC co-ordinated response to ‘City Plan 2030’ consultation (20 December)
      (To agree)
    • ‘Christmas Markets’ / Temporary installations planning process
      (To discuss)
  10. Licensing
    • Interaction between Licensing applications  & planning submissions
      (To discuss)
  11. How / Where / When
    Planning for NTBCC meetings in 2022
  12. Any Other Business

Consultation : “Communal Bin Review” Phase 3 – covering Extended Parking Zone N1

Many of you will have seen notices posted on lampposts announcing the Council’s proposals for improving the waste / recycling service in the N1 Extended Parking Zone area (which essentially covers parts of Broughton, Bellevue (as far as McDonald Road) & Hillside etc.).

The Council’s Waste Department has held a number of ‘information’ events on their proposal ; for residents within NTBCC’s area, there were ‘information’ events at Broughton St Mary’s  on  17 November and the Rose Street Café on the 26 November which many residents may have attended to either get more information (and ask questions) or at least tried to ask their questions and get answers.

The Council’s “Communal Bin Hub” team have given some more background to this change on a slightly difficult to find website which does contain some more information as to why this change is deemed necessary as well as some rationale for the proposed location of these bin hubs – this can be accessed here.

Although this website does enable residents to view the proposed  bin hub locations in their immediate area – the thumbnails below allow easier and direct access to the street-by-street proposals within the N1 Extended Parking Zone  (click any thumbnail to see the full-size PDF). Each of the proposed Bin Hubs are proposed to have 6 bins (2x General (Non-Recyclable) bins, 2x Recyclable bins (DMR), 1x Glass bin & 1x Food Waste bin).


P1 Beaverbank : Logie Green Road

P2 Broughton Road : Heriot Hill Terrace

P3 Bellevue Terrace

P4 Beaverbank : Broughton Road : Dunedin St

P5 Claremont Crescent

P6 East Claremont St : Melgund Terrace

P7 Bellevue Road

P8 Bellevue St

P9 McDonald Road

P10 Hopetoun Crescent : McDonald Road

P11 Annandale St

P12 WIndsor St / Montgomery St

P13 Brunswick Rd

P14 Hillside St / Brunswick St

P15 Brunswick Rd / Brunswick St

P16 Wellington St

P17 Easter Rd

P18 south Easter Rd

The complete set of PDF’s can be viewed here : N1-1 download 16Nov21

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